Unusual Phenomenon That Has Occurred During My Lifetime

     Two weeks ago, when visiting a friend, I was staring at  a flower pot, for a long time which apparently, put me in a trace state and in my right eye, I saw a black and white screen, like a television set and I could see pictures  downloading on that screen.  I do not remember specific photographs.  Walking home from my friend's , I again had the same experience.  Also, I heard something that sounded like high intensity static, that sounded similar to High Tension Wires that carry electricity and eventually I could hear people speaking on that frequency quite clearly, however, I could not  hear specific conversations or understand what they were saying but  the people were speaking English.  More later...
kenley2031 kenley2031
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4 Responses May 23, 2012

that is so neat


try to keep a journal of it

This particular phenomenon has never happened since that one day. I am putting my lifetime of experiences of physic experiences on this site. Thank you for your input.

Is it possible you have a sleep disorder?

No, actually I sleep, like the dead, for 8-10 hours nightly. Thank you for asking.