Supreme Anger

Every single day something happened between me and him. He was the sort of guy that would needle someone to death until they exploded. It was almost as if he wanted to see the anger pour out toward him and I wondered if it was because he thought he deserved it. This particular day, it was on and off and on and off, just needling and picking about everything. This isn't clean, that cost too much, you look horrible today and just on and on. I went to make lunch and decided to make an egg so was standing at the cooker frying an egg when he came in once more to complain and ***** about something else. I was already in a foul mood and wanted him to just shut it and I suddenly realised that I'd broken my egg and had begun to scramble it. I sighed in disgust and his voice continued on from the doorway to the kitchen. I scrambled faster and faster, the black iron skillet pan suddenly vibrated in my hand and split straight down the middle. The egg slithered through to the heating element and began to smoke and hiss and burn. I grabbed the now split iron pan and threw it in the sink and turned off the element. I was shaking at this point with anger and now with a fleeting terror that an iron pan had split in my hand. He walked off, not knowing why I had thrown the egg pan into the sink. He hadn't seen the split and I suppose he was done harassing me at that point. I looked in a sort of scared wonder at my iron pan. It was one of those old heavy iron fryers that you get from your mother or grandmother. How did it split? Was the heat too high? Could it be too high on an iron pan that I'd used a hundred times before? Was my anger such that it split the pan? All I know is, it frightened me.
JadenguilOKelly JadenguilOKelly
36-40, F
Jul 15, 2012