It Started Young

I think my original interest started with my eldest sister who is also very interested in the paranormal. My sister was always interested in ghosts and aliens, and i think it sort of subconciously sent to me as well. My parents don't believe in the paranormal at all, and my 2 other siblilings are indifferent to the subject. My sister once owned a radio that we eventually dubbed haunted as it turned on at random times at generally really high volume on a random radio station. It didn't seem to have any pattern to it at all, no alarm function, button to turn on the radio and a dial for the station and volume. I think it once even turned on while unplugged. My sister no longer has the radio.
My family's old house also had a creepy basement that i had believed was possibly haunted. Although nothing ever really happened down there, It was creepy and forebodding. I have never encountered a basement that creeped me out in the way that one did.
Now recently, my interest in the paranormal has made a massive jump, starting with an amazing coincidence where i was outside walking the dogs. I was thinking that it would be interesting if i were to be abducted by an alien. After that i jokingly said to myself about how now that i said that, it would totally happen. Halfway through saying that a shooting star appeared in direct center of my vision. This event had started strongly fueling an already big interest in the paranormal
Atrus20 Atrus20
18-21, M
Sep 12, 2012