I Can Explain The Paranormal

The paranormal in regards to Ammytiville horror/poltergeist type events is due to the sub-conscious mind power (usually children nearing puberty) that generates force that can move objects and do all manner of things. This is the un-tapped power of the human mind. It is ignored in society as you are taught what is possible and what is not but some people can harness this, especially in time of need, such as when a mother lifts a 3tonne truck off her child, this is exactly the same thing. In almost every case of paranormal activity there are young children present, the level of attack on others is always consistent to how the troubled child views that person, the father they hate cops it very badly-sometimes with serious injury and death, and the mother they like just gets harmless pranks played on her. These children are ignorant that they are causing this as it is the power of their sub-conscious mind. I have experienced this a few times in my life when due to extreme need i have altered reality in ways so to protect myself and others. Some people just have more of a link to this power than others. Ghosts etc are also projections of the mind as are holy visions, that is why the vision is whatever the person seeing it has been told it is, Jesus/Muhammad/Buddha etc, if we had grown up thinking Homer Simpson was God then all godly visions would be of him. This is the paranormal, it is all the result of the human mind acting without your knowledge, thou in rare cases some people can control it to an extent. This is true and i have experienced it first hand many times.
aristotle88 aristotle88
26-30, M
Sep 12, 2012