Friendly Ghost In The House

Many moons ago when I was a kid my uncle used to have a house in Norfolk Va. He claimed it was haunted and had many unique experiences of a ghost making all kinds of noises turning lights on and off and he claimed to have seen an apparition of an old lady a shadow on a wall that just hung around. She seemed agitated to the point my uncle was so spooked and sold the house and moved to Fla. I remember he dropped off an antique clock from the house of a bronze lady picking fruit to my folks and gave it to my mom years ago. Since then we had a ghost the may have been attached to the clock and took residence in our home. We had strange things happen like a fire in the fireplace burning nicely when nobody was home. Strange noises that just didn't add up. Lights turned on when nobody was in the room. I know one could think that its just a matter of just forgetting to turn lights out but if one has not been in the room all day how does one explain strange nuances?
I think over time the clock was either given back to my uncle or given to someone else or perhaps sold. One thing that used to be quite unqiue the ghost would always make unique things happen only when the foundation or any major digging was going on in the yard. Such as when my folks installed their first pool there were strange happenings and noises. Then when they had a garage built on the side of house it stirred up the ghost alot making wierd things happen. Overall, when the clock was removed the ghost stopped annoying the household and they never had it visit again. I know its not that fancy of an experience of the otherside but as a kid it has always interesting to me
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We had a neighbor one time who claimed to see her grandfather after he died.

It sounds like the ghost did not like any changes being made to the house.