I Know They Are Busy Out There

I've studied practical metaphysics for..a long time, and had a few interesting experiences.  People are busy working and learning/teaching in whatever dimension we pass on to when we leave the physical state.  One of my children died last year.  I wanted to go away, just ...dissolve.  I could not stand the pain.  Three things happened to let me know she is still around: (1) One of my metaphysical buddies had a dream that she told her to tell me, "stop thinking what you are thinking, tell my mom, she won't listen to me." (2)  I was feeling really down after the funeral and one light went off (despite me flicking the switch several times), and I said aloud, "OK, honey, I'll perk [my thoughts] up." and the light came back on. (3) Many times, I feel her, sitting on my bed, riding with me in my car.  I love her dearly, and I know she knows.  She lets me know when she has time off from her work over there. 

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What a beautiful story

It is so true that we sometimes get so busy and caught up in our own daily lives that we fail to take the time to listent to what our loved ones are trying to tell us from the other side. Sometimes we have to just stop and listen. I am happy that you have that you still have a close relationship with your child.