I Used To Live In A Haunted House.

It was more like a flat really. We had stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to stop my youngest sister from getting up and down the stairs, and at night, we would hear them creaking when no body was up, we'd hear the bath running and we'd hear footsteps. Once, when we were all sat in the living room, the clock on the wall fell off the wall and rolled right to where i had been sitting on the floor (I'd leapt up onto a chair). Two things. The clock was heavy and rectangle, and COULDN'T roll. And the nail and string on the back of the clock and on the was was in tact, nothing had slipped or broken!!! Scary. I've always beleived in ghosts, spirits, spirit guides, angels etc, i love anything paranormal!! XD
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I used to live in a house. at first it started with me having nightmares as a kid. of living in a haunted house, they freaked me out real bad. eventually i made a dream catcher and the dreams stopped. the fire alarm down stairs would start beeping then we would check on it and it would stop but the carbon monoxide detector upstairs would go on. back and fourth this would happen, dogs even refused to go down the ba<x>sement stairs which is where the side door was located. You could pull on the leash as hard as you wanted the dog would be frozen in fear. One Halloween the candy dish tipped itself over and landed half way across the room. if it fell it would have just fallen where it was. shortly after that we seen an article in the 1997 hamilton spectator of a woman named Elisabeth Seraphin (the death records call her jane seraphin) who was beat unconscious in the stairwell and lit on fire in the ba<x>sement. The cause of death was Carbon Monoxide Inhalation. We then knew why these things were happening. I would have my friends over in the ba<x>sement. my mother wouldn't care if there was 15 of us so i had a tv and stuff down there. one day i was down there alone and i had a space heater plugged in because it was always unusually cold down there. the cord lit on fire from the middle and i ran and unplugged it. it was still on fire so i stomped it out. when i looked at the cord it was as if it had never been burned. i plugged it back in and it worked ever since. We would always go out to the trailor so we had got an alarm system. ADT knew we had animals so the motion detectors were set to not pick anything up under 70 pounds. we always had false alarms. cops stopped coming because they knew no one was there. even after our cat ran away (they all ended up running away!) we still had false alarms. I would feel real uneasy in my younger years at the house. you see when my mom found out about the murder she felt it best not to tell me right away. One night i was alone in the house and there was a real bad storm and the mood in the house was really scary even with all the lights on i felt really scared and the hair on my neck was starting to stand up. something told me to get the hell out (not literally) but in my head. i got up and bolted down the street and got half way before i realized "thats my house. i have to go back" i was creeping up to the house very very slowly and when i almost got there my neigbour scared the daylights i had left out of me calling my name.. i jumped. she invited me in for hot chocolate and explained to me why i was scared of the house and that the lady who died was her friend. she told me not to be afraid that she probably just wanted us to know she was there. to this day the murder remains unsolved. im glad not to be living there any more although the whole experience has opened my eyes. i lived in that house for 7 years. i can honestly say i believe in ghosts!

Wow that sounds terrifying!!! I would have hated that! Im not suprised that it made you beleive!!!

haha and you slept where my ghost walked and our ghost threw a picture!!

I still hate you for that! XD lol

haha XD but twoz extremely funny seeing your face when I told you! XD x

when the clock fell of the wall and rolled right in front of you, it might be a sign of death because usally the clock or hourglass means death. but if there evil spirits you should get a house blessing, but if their not causing any anger or violence then u can just ignore them. one more thing IF you ignore them, their probelly not going to stop.

I actually dont live in the flat anymore, this was about 10 years ago now!

ooh my mistake, sorry

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