The Stair Case.

My friend and her husband moved into a dilapidated 1920's house which we all helped to restore to its former glory, so we were round there a lot when they were doing it up. Everyone said they felt a little bit strange on the stair case, like there was someone watching us as we went up and down, although never in a bad way.

They had been living there about a year when one of the neighbours just happened to drop into the conversation that there had been an old lady living there previously who had had a terrible accident on the stairs. She used to have dogs so had a wooden stair gate at the bottom to stop them going upstairs. Apparently she slipped on the stairs and broke her neck on the stair gate. She wasn't found until a few weeks after this by which time she was dead of course.

None of us knew of this story when we were decorating the house but all of us felt that there was something about the staircase. I believe that spirit of the old lady was staying to warn other people in the house about the stairs so we decided to hold a candle lit prayer night for the old lady asking that she find peace and also promising that we would remind everyone to take care on the stairs. Funny thing is, the watching feeling disappeared after that night so we think that she did indeed find peace at last.

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That was really so kind of you guys to have had that candle lit prayer night for her.

I like to think it gave her the peace she needed :o)

Nice story. It reminded me of a story I was told by friends, which is quite funny... they moved into a house and they would always hear somebody going up and down the stairs... it really freaked them out, it could be anytime of the day or night and they'd hear it ' thud thud thud'. They later found out that the floor boards were loose, so when they walked up the stairs about an hour or so later the floor boards would pop back up haha.

lol, that even gave me goose bumps until I read the last part :o)

Interesting story with a good ending, nice ty !<br />
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@prettytasty, really, what do they look like, really clear or lights or so ?<br />
@ddc42198, what kind of people ? And why them ?<br />
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Thank you ! :)<br />

Thanks, they have moved into a different house now and that house is rented by friends of theirs, they still do remind people to take care on the stairs though.

Thats good to hear, its nice to see that people care about these things :) We know half of what goes on when it comes to these things, and I think it is good to respect 'their' (friendly spirits, etc.) wishes.

Everyone can see them... But I believe they only come to certian people... This was and amazing story!

Do you get scared seeing spirits? I would poop my pants I think, probably why I've never seen any!

That's a cool story I have been seeing spirits since I was a child.they pop up when u least expect it thanks for sharing your story

That is a really cool story, something about staircases. You should join my haunted house group!