Perceptions of the Young

I have always had a keen interest in all things paranormal.  When I was a child (before the age of 8) I had several experiences of spirits visiting me and the homes that I lived in.  Out of the 3 or 4 experiences I had only one was negative, a bad spirit.  But I think I only perceived him to be bad at that time because I was very young and scared by him. 

We lived in some apartments that had been built on an old army hospital.  The vision that I used to see outside my bedroom window, always at night - was of a very elderly man (about 80 years old) who looked like he had been dead and buried a long time, he had stark white hair that was very wild, and he only had one hand.  He used to hold up his left arm up in front of himself (he was minus his hand on the left) and as I was so young this disturbed me greatly.  I would see this vision almost every night.  I would scream so loudly that my parents would think I was being murdered!!  But they never believed me and put my terror down to nightmares.

The spirit only went away after he visited me when I was staying at my Grandparents house one night.  He stood in the doorway of their bedroom (I was in the middle of the both of them) and that is the first time I saw him inside as opposed to outside - so you can imagine the scream I let out!  Either my mind blocked all further contact with supernatural beings (as it tend to do as we get older) or I simply terrified the poor being, never to come back again.

Incidentally, my mother suffered many paranormal experiences in this house which she only told me about years later.  The ice cold room, the priest that visited only once and never returned to bless the house, her clothing being removed from her body at night and placed across the room (my Mum used to take a lot of sleeping pills at the time hence why she would not have woken up when this happened).  So many things unexplained....

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I too have always had an interest in the paranormal. I too have had incidents of things I could not explain and may have an entity in the house I live in now. I wrote a story about it. I cannot imagine the fear you felt when you saw that man. It is terrifying to just think about it.