The Lady Who Saved My Life


The experiences that I am about to share occurred several years ago during my childhood.  I hope to communicate with others who share experiences and interest in the paranormal and after life. My family had moved into a house in the outer suburbs of Chicago in 1978.  The house was beautiful and pretty much new. Only one family had lived in the house prior to our moving in.  I was four years old at the time of my first paranormal experience.  When I had reached the point in my maturity to understand the concept of life and death my Mother told me the story of the previous residents of the house, this was a few years after I had my experiences. The family that lived in the house before us consisted of a husband and wife along with their two young children. When stress had overwhelmed the wife she made the decision to take her own life. She did this by closing the garage and allowing the exhaust fumes from the car to intoxicate her lungs, ultimately leading to her death.  One day during our first month in the house I found myself in the dining room playing with my shadow on the wall, being an only child of four years I found creative ways to entertain myself. I moved my arms and legs from side to side and challenged my shadow to mock my movements in synchronicity, only this time it was different. As I continued to move my arms I noticed the shadow was no longer following my movements. Instead the shadow took a different form entirely, the form of a woman, made clear by the outline of a dress, my shadow had completely disappeared. I was not afraid, but knew something was not right, and I definitely knew the shadow was not mine. I quickly ran back into the kitchen to tell my parents what I had observed on the wall, but I just could not explain with my four year old vocabulary and state of mind. Plus, no matter what I said, I was still just an only child with an extra vivid imagination in the eyes of my parents. The image of the shadow has forever imbedded itself in my mind, as I can still see it of the today as clearly as I did when I was four, I am now thirty-three………. My next experience came about a year after the first. In the family room of the house we had a fireplace with a massive hearth suspended above the brick foundation. I could barely reach the hearth but still managed to stretch out far enough to slide my Matchbox Cars to it’s top. In my careless play I had accidentally slid one of my cars beyond my reach. My solution was to grab the front of the 800-pound hearth and pull myself up close enough to grab the stranded car. When I lifted myself I felt the hearth begin to slide down toward me. The hearth would have landed directly on me, most likely ending my life at the age of five. Instead, I felt two arms reach around my mid-section and lift me about fifteen feet across the room, gently sitting me down on the sofa out of harms way. My Father witnessed the entire event and could barely muster the words “thank God”.

To this very day I know in my heart that lady had carried me across the room, saving my life, perhaps making up for letting her own children down as a Mother. I lived in that house until my late twenties and never experienced any further activity. I believe the lady considered saving my life as a fulfillment in her motherhood and then passed on to the afterlife as an accomplished and blessed soul. Ever since I have had an enthusiastic purpose to explore the paranormal and hope to find others with who have experienced similar phenomenon. I want to thank this lady for saving my life.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Wow!! probably scarry at the time but now you look back and say yeah!!! Have considered yhat the intervebtion might also be your angel now?

That's really cool! The only other stories I have heard were negative accounts. It's nice to read onr that is positive!

Wow cool story! I too often encounter, hmmm, I don't know what you call it, but I call them ghosts. But I've always been afraid.