Supernatural Bleeding....

This is a true story....

I was sitting at the table eating breakfast, and thinking about death and dying.
The war in the middle east, people screaming, and gunshots, and bombs, and bleeding bodies.

"At that exact moment"...
"My nose began bleeding"....?

It bled into my plate of food, and then it stopped, on it's own.
It really freaked me out...

It began bleeding on it's own, for no reason, and then it stopped on it's own, without me doing anything?

I had to throw the plate of food away, because I didn't want to eat my own blood.

I have heard of a black woman bleeding from the palms of her hands, because she felt Jesus' pain as he bled to death on the cross.

It makes me wonder, about life.
Is reality just what we believe, or just what we like to believe...????


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Interesting. I read Michael Talbots "The Holographic Universe" very recently. The holographic theory is fascinating and it actually could explain many phenomena which can not be explained in any other scientific and "rational" way. One of those was the stigmatic phenomenon... the supernatural bleeding.

People would have different ways of explaining what happened to you, depending on their lenses. A Catholic might see it as a stigmata. A physician or a psychologist might see it as the effect of the mind and emotions on the body. A quantum physicist might see it as coming from the interconnectedness of all things at some level. Carl Jung would see it as synchronicity, maybe even a soul response to others' suffering. BTW, before he died, Carl Jung had a dream about a yogi who was dreaming him into existence. <br />
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You are a sensitive person. I think you do need to be careful about what thoughts and images you let occupy your inner space!

I feel (sense) things, which led me into thinking and questioning (whatever is that "thing" which prompted that odd discomforting strange feeling?)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
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I've had that feeling a few times too, muchas... A person can sometimes sense danger, or feel like something bad or upsetting is going to happen, and then it does and I'm still not sure why that happens?<br />
Premonitions might be a warp in our normal, non eventful life script, or where "world lines" intersect and an event happens!?

Thinking is the mind's function of carefully processing data/feedbacks received from the other 5 sensors.<br />
<br />
I feel (sense) things, which led me into thinking and questioning (whatever is that "thing" which prompted that odd discomforting strange feeling?)<br />
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I'm still trying to understand the nature of matter and the forces which govern it.

Sometimes I think too much!?<br />

We are what we think...

I am not making this story up...!<br />
It makes me wonder if we aren't all actors in a play, or some kind of dream that we are apart of...?<br />
We can't see who, or what we really are because there is no third person perspective.<br />
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Einstein said that... "reality is just an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." and "the reason for time is to keep everything from happening all at once."<br />
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Are we just a dream in our own minds? or are we a dream in some gods mind?

Absolutely.. literally and spiritually..

Only you can answer that.. use your discernment.. the reality of things may not be our reality but never the less.. it doesn't mean it doesn't have merit or truth to it.<br />
Sometimes things are messages.. and we may not alway's understand them at the time.. but I would say you have had a premonition.. of more blood and tragedy to come.. peace is not acheived throught forcefulness. or by war.. Harmony can achieve that..for I have seen the same .

sounds like in that moment you tripped into a parallel reality?

It was mysteriously upsetting, because I can't find a logical answer...<br />
Maybe it's mind over matter?

Oh man!<br />
Think only good thoughts when you eat?<br />
This must have been upsetting.<br />