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Paranormal Experiences

Did anyone here have paranormal experiences?

Safa Safa 18-21, F 25 Responses Oct 24, 2007

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I've had many I've had premonitions of future events. That would take place in my life and they have, I was visited by my grandmother the same day after her funeral, I would see shadows approaching the shower when I was younger, I even felt someone sit down on my bed next to me as I was laying down to sleep.

I've had many experiences and still have some to this day!

I've had odd experiences that I would blame on supernatural things if I were superstitious. I am not, but I can understand why people may blame the paranormal.

What I try but find hard to understand though, is why some people seem desperately to want to believe in spirits, demons and similar, imagined, frightening Things.

My experiences and reactions:

1) Our family's large house had a basement that tapered upwards from the single door at the back of the house (built on a gently slope) from standing-height to low stooping under the front room. It had lights throughout, split by switches into sections. For years, I would turn and face the daylight through the open door before turning out the lights.

Was it haunted? Of course not - I had a slight, remnant fear of the dark, to which I was not accustomed thanks to leaving landing lights on, and living near street-lights, so even our bedrooms were never fully dark.

2) Ghost stories. Dad bought himself an anthology of ghost stories when I was about 10 or 11. I read it but was too young to realise they were all fantasies made to look factual by a simple literary trick I was too young to spot.

EP shows many paranormal believers developed their ideas when impressionable children - just as I was when I read the ghost stories. Now, as an adult, although I enjoy a good ghost story knowing it's all tosh, I still don't read them in bed!

3) "Eerie" places. I've found walking at night through some places, like an old railway cutting that's now a public footpath near where I used to live, slightly hair-raising; yet I don't mind walking through graveyards at night.

Haunted? No - genuine survival instinct, even if the likely nocturnal predators won't be bears but muggers, won't be wolves - were or canine - but might be fierce dogs that have been left wandering off the lead.

4) Waking in a panic; hypnagogic hallucinations. The latter for me have always been that weird falling feeling, but others report a horrible crushing sensation that has often been the subject of "ghost" stories.

The panic attacks and other types of nightmare all stemmed from periods of stress. The hallucinations are common, brief and harmless but can be very frightening so it's not surprising that in less educated times victims thought some "evil spirit" was assaulting them. All 5 senses can hallucinate, and although usually associated with neurological injury or illness, or with alcohol or drug abuse, well people can suffer them, though more rarely. Some may well be behind some "hauntings" reports.

5) Strange nocturnal noises. We all hear these from time to time and our imaginations really can run riot. This happened to a friend when he was sleeping alone in rural hostel one windy night: He started to hear slow, laboured breathing apparently from a store behind the panelling by his bunk - very alarming. He investigated.... The "panting" was from merely a loose piece of roofing-felt moving in a draught. He wedged it to silence the "ghost" and went back to bed. He also said others find the place "eerie" to occupy alone, very simply because it is in a quiet area far from heavy traffic, street-lamps etc, so can be very dark; and on still nights the building's normal creaks and the noises from farm animals are more noticeable. This is all unsettling for many town-dwellers.

Perhaps our hearing is more acute at night because we cannot rely on sight in the dark, so we pick up odd noises. Odd because we do not normally hear them, so they are unfamiliar. Instinct tells us to be wary of the unfamiliar we cannot see and identify readily. Imagination turns them into supernatural Things.

6) Strange sightings in the bedroom. I have suffered very occasionally from seeing very alarming "Things" in the dim light... They were all perfectly ordinary objects like a pile of clothes, but seen in very low light when I happened to wake just enough for sight, but not enough for sense.

We are diurnal creatures not equipped naturally for the night; and despite our intellect being several orders of magnitude higher than that of any other animal, we still have natural animal survival instincts - including fear - appropriate to our species. So it is an effort for us to find the night "safe". Nevertheless, knowledge is power, for our very high emotional ability can make us react positively to seeing the moon and stars, or bats and owls; and our intellect can help us understand properly and hence appreciate them.

We also seem to have an innate desire to believe in "something" that cannot be identified or proven in any sensible way - it seems very recent historically that we've been able to reason our way out of such needs; and even now many people seem lost without this sort of belief.

Many turn to God or similar - a universal creator who has apparently made the Universe and everything merely for self-satisfaction. Most such use their belief positively, some claim belief from mere slavery to unthinking tradition, peers, elders or habits; other use their faith utterly malignantly.

Others though, turn to the so-called "paranormal"- a literal and figurative twilight of ghouls, ghosts and thing that go bump in the night.

Some frighten themselves by playing with a lettered tea-tray, helped by others battening down on their experiences to reinforce their fears for an ego-trip - actually the victims have frightened themselves by own and group imagination, in a little circle who get together for that very purpose.

Others believe in astrology (not even logical), ley-lines (a cartographic trick), healing-crystals (a con-trick relying on poor understanding of basic physics). A few think they have a wolf personality in their human body - I can understand deifying animals, but not pretending to be one. And so on...

So there is a link: many people want to believe in something manifestly lacking any supporting evidence or proof, be it Christianity or ouija-boards or lupine tendencies. (Books like the Bible prove only other people's beliefs.)

I am Interested in the Paranormal as the title says - but I do not believe in it. Instead I am interested in why people wish to believe in something frightening but improvable, even to the extent of being frightened to question their own beliefs.

It sounds to me like you truly do not understand the scope of what exists. In this world because ours isn't the only reality there are many more. It's not about people wanting to believe something frightening. Rather it's them having seen or experienced something from a world or reality not our own. After all to say for certain something doesn't exist.

Would mean you know for sure it doesn't. However you aren't all knowing no human is so all you can do is learn for yourself. And being someone that's experienced supernatural happenings all his life. I can say for sure these things happen and something exists beyond what we are able to comprehend

People like you should stop trying to tell people. Like myself who have had experiences that nor they or science can explain. That it\'s due to some other reason like applied psychology or the government\'s favorite mass hysteria. For one thing some one who believes their house is haunted. Does so long before calling the church to have a priest sent over to perform any religious right.

To rid the home of an unwanted presence which proves it\'s not applied psychology. As they already believed it was haunted in the first place otherwise they would not have called for the priest! One bogus theory debunked and I did not even have to do anything to disprove it!

Then there\'s my case I grew up in a neighborhood. In which many people have experienced things they can\'t explain. I\'m just one person from it and the some of the things that happened to me were witnessed. By others in my family and has followed me to every single home. I have ever lived in to this day! Some happened even in broad daylight and were so convincing that I believed it was the year 2008 when it was only 2000!

To the point where I argued with a friend when asked what year it was. And was told I was wrong when I said 2008 even though I was wrong. As I later found out. Whether you mean to or not you\'re calling people liars when they claim. To have had a supernatural experience and unless you know for a fact that they are. Have no right to do so since you are only backed up. By your opinion on what the cause may have been for the experience!

Until you have solid evidence that supports your theory. Then you can\'t say that those people aren\'t telling the truth. Do yourself a favor and broaden your views on what may exist. Stop going by preconceived notions because you are too afraid to open your eyes to something that frightens you. You\'ll learn far more from doing so than you ever will running about with your eyes closed to the truth!

One thing I hate to do is clean out the cremation furnace after a week of cremations

I had strange thing happen at work, I am always the last to leave work ( cremation center). I had just turned off the lights when I felt a cold chill and spotted a shadow going down the hallway, to think I spend almost all night at work.

Hi Safa,<br />
<br />
I have had many paranormal experiences starting from when I was a young boy. I have seen spirits, demons etc. I have witnessed many miracles including healings and have cast out demons out of people and homes. I was supposed to be the head exorsist (sic) for the Frazior valley paranormal research society but had moved away from there so I had to quit. God is real and so is evil. Stay on the God's side, it's a whole lot better.<br />
<br />
Have a Great day!

Did you mean your penultimate sentence? A lot of Christians may beg to differ - though I am not one!

Hm...i guess i consider it paranormal. It definitely is far from's hard to explain though. I've written posts about it on here

I can see, sense and talk to spirits and I tend to attract them in fact there are two with me this moment.

@Safa , i get that too! It's strange, i notice things about people that i don't think many others do. I know what people are trying to do by acting in certain ways, and i feel what people are like before meeting them. By looking into someones eyes, i can see if they are heartbroken, suicidal or just happy.<br />
I know this because a few people i have come across, even though they are liked by most people, they are up themselves and trying to get attention, i don't understand why i am the only one who sees this.<br />
Also there's a few people who in public are enthusiastic and happy heaps, but i see through it too, i know they are going though a tough time but no one else seems to notice.<br />
It's like i can the feelings of a person without even knowing them.

That reads as if you are simply unusually sensitive to others' expressions, gestures, speech etc. I doubt you are alone in that, rather that it's a fairly rare aptitude, but be careful you don't seriously misjudge someone one day.

I used to be involved in the occult and hold gatherings where we would summon spirits and demons. I have many experiences with the paranormal some scary some sad and heartwarming. I was born with the ability to see things that most can't, it doesn't make me special or significant but it does allow me to understand more.

Had some very very strange experiences in Death Valley National Park I created a group about it on EP here's a link if you want to read about it.<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

I recall a small but slightly odd experience in the wilds. Four of us on a holiday in Crete had spent a day walking in the mountains. It was late Summer, so everything was very dry and parched, and we were in a depression perhaps half a mile square, with small walled fields on its flat floor of more or less bare earth.

We wandered into a very shallow valley along one wall of the main depression, finding some rather odd fly-tipped rubbish but little else; but when we left it and started our walk back down we all agreed that little valley had felt a bit eerie.

Heaven knows why. We were four grown men on a walking trip; doing nothing we were not used to, in an area from which the local farmers manage to scratch some sort of living.

We put it down to a mixture of our own tiredness perhaps worsened by partial dehydration - it was at the end of a hot afternoon - and the desultory traces of Man's activities up there. Thinking about it in the context of these EP stories, I still do, but I can see why anyone over-sensitive to their own superstitions might imagine there had been Things Watching Us. :-)

I saw a ghost in my room , no joke :s :p

yes...many times

I saw a large feline one night in the countryside. Where they┬┤re not supposed to exist.

I am a medium and have had various encounters with the spirit world. I normally get pictures in my head and sometimes words. I have also had an experince were I have felt the feelings(sadness) of someone in the past.Sometimes I can tell why they are around like thats their favorite spot or they just want to watch over their loved ones.

The apartment we used to live in was haunted. We would hear voices and my husband saw an apparition. I NEVER felt comfortable there and my cats would NEVER stay in one spot in the apartment. <br />
<br />
My family is kind of sensitive to the paranormal.

I grew up in a very haunted house. My family has always had a way of knowing when another was in trouble or about to be. I was told my grand father was a "Fire Talker" I have seen, heard, sensed, smelled things that were definately beyond normal!

who's ever had a paranormal experianc and would like to share there experians. contact me i would realy love to now more or my name is citlaly look for it in this page to now me better ..preetty please..

hello is any one there....... there no answer

sorry im new here

hi my name is citlaly i just wanted to let you now that im realy open to the paranormal i could prencens a ghost or when you a bad energy is around i started when i was only 5 yr. old and also by just looking at people face or talking to them i could tell them there problems. or some times i'm talking to people i now and it comes out of my mouth like thing i do not now write back i would like to write,&talk to you

Thats really interesting Bob57. i dont really have any of those skills but there are certain things that i can feel. Maybe more like i can feel some things about a person, what his intentions are and stuff like that. Later on it pretty much always seems to be true what i saw in the person. Kind of interesting, but not really developed. <br />
Marisol40, ive heard similair stories. One time when i came home i saw my dad standing in the corner looking at me. It was in our backyard, kind of dark. But I saw him really well, when i bend my head to lock the bike, i realized that my dad cant be home cause he is away with my mom and brother. He obviously wasnt standing there anymore, but i was scared to go inside the house and waited for couple of hours for my parents to get home. I never really understood what it meant, cause i know for sure i saw him, cause i was even talking to him.

After my grandmother died weird things began to happen in my house as well as other family members. The tv would come on and off repeatedly. I remember the day of her funeral when the lights in the church went out only to come on again.

Hum, good question. I guess it's just a label I've adopted for something somewhat specific.. which I take as a given. But I mean moving, shaping, programming (or in any way manipulating) energy. Making 'constructs'/spells out of it. Not the same use of the word 'spell' as with most magic practitioners, though. A 'spell' to me is like a non-physical machine, rather than a ritualistic recipe. I've dabbled some with more 'direct', somewhat physical skills; telekinesis, telepathy, 'scanning' (kind of like remote viewing, if that tells you anything..without the protocols though) but am not very good at it.

what do you mean by practising magic?

Depends on what you mean by paranormal... I practice magic. Never saw any ghosts or heard furniture move on its own.