I'm only in my late 20's, but I've been through a lot. And I'm starting to believe that the more you experience life, the more your mind grows and is open to the 'third eye'. I've always knew I had psychic skills. But as I get older they are getting deeper. I go to bed at night praying not to see what I know I can see. I feel energy off of others and places. I'm extremely sensitive to all my surroundings. I wake up between 3am-4am every night, sometimes scared and unable to go back to sleep, and sometimes just frustrated. The more I read about paranormal experiences, the more I can relate and learn. Its something that's starting to over take my life, and I was told by a psychic I should learn to meditate, but I scared of what I might hear or see if I meditate. I don't know where to go with this from here. My boyfriend does not understand any of this stuff at all, so I cant even talk to him about it. I need some guidance. 

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This is an old post, but I hope you got some support and guidance for this> it's extremely hard to be sensitive and not know how to control it or manage it. Best of luck to you.