People Ask What Supernatural Is..

Well, I'll sum it up.
If you are to fall asleep and have a dream about walking amongst the woods [that happen to be behind you house], with you dog and you are following a vivid noise. Now, this wasn't just any noise. A loud ring as if from a bell chime or chains rattling. Following it, you were to come up lost back at what appears to be your house. Unknowingly going in to your basement's storm door may have been the worst mistake. Upon going into the basement, you go to walk up the stairs. Once at the top you are suddenly slammed in the chest by the force of a jagged blade. Looming atop the stairs is a shady figure staring down at you. This "figure" soon becomes recognizable. Describing it would be pointless. What you see is THE grim reaper. He then quickly says, "I'm coming for you". As soon as his last word came from his mouth you are awoken from this dream. To your surprise you are where you would last expect. Laying in the very same spot you had just witnessed that terribly nightmare, you begin to wonder...What is real?

That people is what supernatural is. Ever since I can't help but feel I wish this wasn't my story. I feel something watching me every day.
LightxOfxDeath LightxOfxDeath
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Ok. . . that is kinda freaky. Didn't see the reaper himself but i have seen other things just as scary.