Study All Things... Show Thyself Approved...

I am a lifelong learner, perhaps just a sponge, the more I learn, the more easy it is to learn and to see how things fit together.

I was part of a very narrow belief system church growing up and very Conservative at that time.

Now I know, after studying the Theologies, that it would be impossible for any one of them to be "right" or "true" without excluding the others. 

So then I have to realize that we, as humans, may have it all wrong and are just incapable of truly understanding universal, multidimensional, unconditional love and the purpose of our existence.

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2008

I kind of enjoy the fact that I will never know all there is to know about any particular subject. It's fun that way. Many things (and especially religion) are about the journey not the destination... <br />
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As a self proclaimed "mystic" i frequently delve into what i like to call "the mysteries" it is fun and hard work and always worth while. And... the more i know, the more i realize i don't know.<br />
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Funny how that works.

Not bad insight for a double PK.

I think nothing can be completely "understood". Can you really imagine anything that anyone can say, "I learned all about it so noone will EVER find anything new about it." Ridiculous really. Yet religions say just that more often than not...