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im looking for a guy who wants to suckle my breasts even if he doesnt get any milk
temparymommy temparymommy
31-35, F
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HELLO. My name is michael j carl from sun city west arizona usa, i am single age 44, & i would love to suckle your breasts likean infant even if i don't get any milk out, would you like to come to phoenix arizona? & stay in a nearby hotel room & i will come to you & would love for you to diaper me & nurse me on your nice warm breasts

When you are able to nurse you will have a wonderful thing to offer. Most men value the breast and the ones that have had milk for the breast really understand how wonderful nursing is. I was once told it was the first happy meal.

Where are you located? I'm in SE MI

just did that...it is very hot!

i just want someone who is willing and isnt afarid to admit its what he wants

I would love to try something like this

only if u baby me to.. I have to be in character lol

hope you find the right person. i am t far away so count me out but always available for support in terms of someone to talk to. Good luck.