I am still lactating and want help producing more, anyone in the Washington area? I love the way this feels ! It's like a constant ****** getting sucked on! Please help..
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36-40, F
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I'm in Federal Way if you haven't found anyone yet. Like you haven't heard this one before but, I would love to help.

another person interested in anr and too far away!!! :'(

You are so right, I am in pdx. I love sucking breasts and giving oral. I am sure I can get you milk flowing :)

Are you still interested?

I am in the Bellingham area.

I think I might like you.

I'm in the Bellingham/Blain/Vancouver BC area and have time :) Please add me and check out my blogs .. I think you will like ::)

I live near spokane i would love to try this with a man

I am very interested in this!!! It is a huge turn on for me! I am in my late twenties, I used to try to do this with my ex-wife, but she thought it was gross. I would be very interested in seeing if we could get together? I don't know what part of Washington you live in but I am in South Eastern Washington. Tri-Cities. Message me if your interested in really making this happen!! :P

damn i wish im in california, but i sometimes often visit washington every other month

What part do you visit?


I will meet you there

Oooh yea when i cone and visit there i will let you know

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I do not live in WA any more wish I did but still visit.

What part? And how often

I will be in Tacoma in May and Spokane a couple times a year.

California now... Washington this weekend???

Bay area. What part did you live in before? Any plans to visit? ;-)

What part of Washington