Wicca And Witchcraft Is The Same Thing Or No?

ok so is wicca and witchcraft the same thing? just wondering. also. if i wrote my own spell, but it only halfway went through, I did something wrong obviously... i couldnt get all the ingredients for this spell (due to an infestation of spiders in my backyard) i needed a flower. but since i wrote it myself i didnt think anything of it. so.... does that mean i needed the flower? orrrrrr was it just not powerful enough or what? I mean it involved candles and burning stuff. lol. and it was ALMOST about to happen but. it didnt. /: any pointers?
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also. does this mean i'm a witch? i dont want movies to influence my views or opinions so im just asking lol

I have written several stories that may offer the info you seek. You may read them if you like. In particular "Reality and Fantasy of Magick."

Sorry I'm wrong. It's "Reality vs. Hollywood". I haven't posted the other yet.