Blessed Be!

I'm just introducing myself along with the several others on here. New to all this and want to get to know people and study the religion. The more tips, help, advice and teaching I can get the better. I have a few books right now, but without being able to get out a lot I have to relay on things at home. I hope to talk to several of you and that you all have a great night. Better then here as everyone here is very sick (me for the past 6 weeks).
SyrinaWillows SyrinaWillows
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Merry Meet Syrina,
I am new to this, too. My family are all Christians and they do not understand, nor accept these things. I booked a hotel for myself this weekend and did my own ceremonies in my hotel room during the full moon last Sat Jan 26th. It was very spiritual and the answers were manifested very quickly. Unbelievable.
Blessed be.