I Am Very Interested In Becoming Wiccan

I am interested in the religion of Wicca. I feel that my beliefs correspond to the Wiccan beliefs better than any other religion I studied. I was born in to the Anglican church. My family is not religious at all though for some reason I feel that there is some sort of higher being. I didn't know what or whom it is though. I never shared the same beliefs as I should being Anglican. I always thought of myself as someone in "limbo" in regards to religion. When I heard of Wicca and the Wiccan beliefs, I finally realized that there is something out there for me. I have been studying Wicca for a couple of months now and I love every aspect of it. I am seriously considering in becoming a Wiccan but I don't know if I am up for joining a coven. As I have never been to any church or religious group before, I feel scared to join. I heard of some Wiccans not belonging to a coven at all. If anyone has  any experience with Wicca, I would love to hear about your experiences.
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yes, i know how you feel, I never really understood the concept of religion till I started studying wicca. I'm not really studying yet, I do have someone teacher, she's actually a friend of mine at school. I hope you find some in your area at least message me if you want to chat.

Try www.paganspace.com for people of all pagan beliefs

i am also interested in wicca,it feels right to me, I would enjoy being in touch with someone who is discovering just like myself.

Wicca isn't always about joining a coven, though joining one might help you identify with people who share your beliefs, and who you can share your experiences with. A coven does not have to be formal, either, you can meet with a group of friends - if you have any that are Wiccan- and discuss... err... life... and stuff...<br />
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In any case, Wicca is more about your self and your beliefs. I've studied Wicca for some time now, and I usually call myself Wiccan, but it is under certain circumstances that I still call myself Christian, because some people aren't very understanding about Wiccans, and there are a lot of misconceptions about that particular religion. <br />
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I'd love to talk with you if you need someone to talk to, and you can still be Wiccan even without joining a coven, or join one later.

how do you balance yourself with paganism and christianity?