Remains Of Ww2

I wasn't born during world war two in the pacific but I grew up seeing most of the war wreckage around the place, in the bushes,along the beach fronts and in our waters.My grandfather was a young man when the war came to the Admiralty island in Papua New Guinea.Although it wasn't our war it was fought on our land.It was an irony to my grandfather who never knew what world war means accept for tribal fights.

While as kids ,we were forbiden to go playing in the bush because of the fear of live granates,motars, bomb shells and stuff.Craters from bomb dropings are now artificial lakes .
Some years ago some boys lit a fire in the bushes and a live granate exploded.Unfortunately they moved out of the site before the explosion.

Today I still wonder if Japan and the US still remember the damage caused to our environment.
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May 8, 2012