Mainly Wwii But Both

In both cases, the media was told to mind their own damn business, the UN did not exist (it should not be headquartered on American soil) and the politicians voted for what the military NEEDED, not for more restrictions. Also, what happened in combat, in those days, STAYED in combat where it belonged.

One interesting thing i heard. Back then, when troops returned to the United States by ship, instead of by plane, they had about two weeks at sea to decompress. That is, talk about the war with people who had been there, without weapons, and deal with the experience before they got home. This is perhaps a reason why there was so much less PTSD back than then there is now- when a person goes from war zone to stateside in 24 hours and less.

i have an uncle who fought in the infantry in Europe and the Pacific, in the U.S. Army. After that he joined the Army Reserve, and surprise surprise, was called up to go to Korea. After Korea he got out of the Army as fast as he could- no surprise there. But what does surprise me is- no Purple Hearts. He was never wounded or injured in combat. Happy but amazing.
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May 10, 2012