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What kind of experience and schooling does a internet marketing Boston have to go through? I have a brother who thinks he would be good at it. Does anyone have any suggestions for someone who is just starting out or interested?
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Research, research, and more research!!! I have a formal education in visual communication & marketing but the best experience IMO is life. Know what you'll be marketing both inside and out, know what your competition is doing, and then think outside the box, be different but trendy! Don't be afraid to push the limits of your ideas.

Hi I know you can go to school for internet Marketing But I am doing internet Marketing at this very moment by talking to you and I have not had any formal training. I just got in touch with people who know the ropes and then found a Niche that fit my personality and interest in my line of work which in website design and website hosting you can be sure that that is the most important part.

you can get a lot of info that is useful on the internet and you can get a lot of crap so just tell your brother to do the research and good luck

a tip: do not fall into an MLM SCAM If I was him I would think of something he likes and try to get into affiliate marketing in that way check out for a great price for website hosting... and I will be happy to help in any way I can thanks