For Crying Out Friggin Loud Am I Gonna Be On Catfish??!!

Holy Corn!! I just found out about this new show on MTV called "catfish".It was created by a guy who fell in love with this girl who's profile pic was of a gorgeous girl..they spoke online and text each other ( hauntingly familiar ) daily with
plans of meeting up in the future.
Well,he went to meet her,and found out she wasn't who she said she was.I get that a lot but I never knew there was a show dedicated to those who get
decieved by others online!
Anyhew,my current girlfriend "Sara"Im so in love with her omg! has family members that doubt our relationship because when we plan things,it never happens because of other obstacles ,thus leading everyone to believe I'm just playing her.
No,not true.I really love Sara with all my heart.Not like the Like I had for Ashley,that was just rubbish.I was more hurt that I found out about role playing
the hard way XD
Ash and I still talk to this day and shes still sensitive with me but Im not with her.I cant really,,.she played me for a fool.She reeled me in and let me go as if I wasnt
really what she wanted ,but in reality I wasnt reciprocating.So,she got pissed and dumped me on the 4th of July.Thats when I met Sara.We consoled each other one night.I fell right away.It wasnt the same feeling I had for Ash,it was more intense,a warm feeling of comfort.A loving hug from across the States is what i felt from her and I liked it.I told her,she said she felt something from me too.
Well,every couple has their ups and downs.We split up so many times and hurt each other in the process but always came back to each other.Couldnt live without each far so good....still in love and I have no doubt about our future together.But I fear other things too.She recently accused me of not telling the truth about my adopted Son,Tommy...when I divorced my ex in September,he won custody of Tommy because I wasnt focused..I didnt present the right evidence,I had it in my friggin hand but couldn't present it as evidence because I had gone past the alotted time was rejected.The presiding Judge said,based on the preponderance of evidence presented by the other party,and mine,which was none,he had to weigh in favor of my ex.I was crushed.I never told Sara about this.When I did,she offered to help get him back.She said we would get together and hire a lawyer to win him back..but later she said he was made up in my head when she got mad at me.She said she did a background check and I came up as nobody...
Later when I asked her this,she said she didnt do one.I did one on myself and guess what? Shes right.I asked my "friend "who works at a well known organisation fighting for rights of others and she said not til Im comfortable with that.I dont think i ever will be if you can be easily tracked like a package.
We have issues,but I love her even though her family doubts us,so thats why I fear someone will show up at my job with a camera crew.All my torturous years hidden and learning how to be secluded,this would really send me into a culture shock!! But ,they doubt me,,so,whats a guy/girl gotta do?
PodaDixa PodaDixa
36-40, M
Nov 29, 2012