I Met A Girl....shes Awesome And A Lot Of Fun!!

Friday my buddy and I went out to party,she said I needed to relax but set me up with a girl I had already met through her.I thought at first I was babysitting since this girl herself had just gotten out of a relationship but it didnt turn out like that at all.
We got along and had fun all night.Minus the texts from Sara,she was also out with family members so...I got a bit jealous but then the personality of this girl
took my attention off Sara.
She had my attention right away.I was uncomfortable,but so was she.Both of us hadnt really been in a relationship only online.Not sure if that counts still as losing my ....well.. tmi....
She was with her gf for 3 years,but her gf fell in love at college,and dumped her the day after she got laid.
I kind of got nervous that would happen to Sara,but if it does,maybe we weren't meant to be.And that my love will be saved for the real Girl of my dreams.
I dont know how many people Sara has met because shes been on a lot of other social sites,I could be one of many i think.Shes my first because Ashely and I werent really in love.I never had sex with her."sexting"......
I am going to see this girl again this weekend but not drinking.We had so many jello shots full of vodka it made us sick! she text telling me how sick she was and I told her the same thing.We talked for as long as we could.
Hopefully things will work out for everyone. take care...........
PodaDixa PodaDixa
36-40, M
Dec 11, 2012