Unidentified Gender.

I was born four months prematurely (roughly 25 years ago), because of which, I had to endure a Tracheotomy because my trachea was not developed fully. Therefore, bein' unable to breathe directly from birth, 'caused me to be rushed into surgery without bein' seen at all by my mother. After the surgery, my mother was informed that the doctor was unsure of my gender and asked her to wait a few days for further examination of my genital area before namin' me.

Growin' up, throughout my childhood in public school, I've had multiple occasions when fellow student(s) would ask me if I was a boy or a girl (startin' from 3rd grade, up). It wasn't until my last year of middle school that I actually asked myself that question. I had known (from a young age) there was a distinct difference between myself and 'other' females. With this knowledge of how the "normal" female genital should look, and bein' asked my gender so many times, allowed me to take those accounts into consideration while explorin' my own feelin's. I felt, since my appearance attracted so many questioners, then there must be more to it then my genital area lookin' a little different, I had heard of such folk havin' bout genitalia (perhaps that's what I was). I recognized that I felt more masculine, some days, more feminine, other days but most days, I felt a good blend of both genders. I had known since an early age that I was attracted to females, now recognizin' and tryin' to understand my gender, lend me to embrace that I was to be considered a Lesbian.

Years later, (still not fully understandin' my gender), I was lend to information of the gender know as Intersex. Learnin' of this gender has changed my life, I no longer feel alone. I still have yet to meet another Intersexed person, but I've read stories and've seen shows of Intersex people. There's still much to understandin' my own gender identity, for now that I'm an adult, I've noticed within the years I've become (or perhaps always been) more content within a male role, or feel more masculine most days.

Sectumsempra447 Sectumsempra447
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013