Older Man Discovers Intersex

Be forewarned, my story is sexually graphic. I am a man in my late fifties. I'm currently single, living with my teenage daughter. I have secretly had feelings of being feminine for many years. Recently I discovered some unusual things about my body. A number of years ago I found a spot at the base of my scrotum that is very sensitive, like a clitoris. It feels really good to touch it and can produce an ****** with no emission when touched. It enlarges slightly when touched. Lately I have preferred touching myself there when I **********. Several months ago I found an area just below my pubic bone that is soft and with gentle pressure can be invaginated. I have a vagina! The more I explore this area, the more it presents itself. It is also sensitive to stimulation and touching myself there also results in ******. When I *** I can feel the walls of my vagina gently rhythmically squeezing my fingers. I can get three fingers in to just past the second knuckle. It gets moist, but not wet, when stimulated.

I have always been phenotypically male, and have enjoyed "normal" relationships with women. I currently have a girlfriend whom I love very much. A few weeks ago, I did share my unusual anatomy with her. She is not judgmental, but she prefers to relate to my male parts only. I once asked her if she would consider using a strap on to have vaginal intercourse with me, but she immediately and emphatically declined. But I find myself longing for the experience of vaginal intercourse. I doubt I will ever. But it would be nice if I could meet an open minded, gentle man to have that experience with.

So that's my story. I'm not even really sure that I'm intersex or is this the result of an active sexual imagination. But the feelings and experiences I have described are real. I originally posted this anonymously, because I was afraid of the reactions I might get. After reading it several times, I guess I am coming to accept that this is my story. It only has meaning for me when I own it. So now I own it. I am Jennie321, and this is my experience.
Jennie321 Jennie321
56-60, M
Jan 17, 2013