I Am Also Intersexed

Hi, I am glad to be part of this group.

I am a True Hermaphrodite in that I have both an ovary and an ovotestis.

When I was born my vagina was closed and I was raised as a boy although I always had the feeling that I was a girl.

In recent years my breasts have grown to fill a C-cup and I now identify as a woman although I am still a "male" on my identity document.

I would like to correspond with those who have similar experiences.



Nevette Nevette
3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

i am from Austria and i also live social as a man.<br />
instead of testicles i have ovaries and an uterus , i menstruate<br />
my **** is a penis <br />
my bra size is 85 C<br />
i wear bras since i am 15<br />
i strated menstruating with14 <br />
i have a ver lovely girlfriend and she give me great support<br />
klaus or klaudia

Hello I'm that I'm not the only one in this world like that.I was born with both parts but my dad had the doctors close vagina. and I was raised as a boy up until my teen years when my hips got wider and my breast got huge. and now I live wit dd-cups

hi, <br />
I am glad 2 hear of your story, sounds more or less like mine, anyway i am Ron100 u can visit my profile and read my story and if you need to talk just let me know.<br />
<br />
God bless....<br />