The Critters That Surround Me

This is the Sonoran Desert, it spans northwest Mexico and the very southern parts of California and Arizona.
One needs to watch where they step, put their hands and feet and be aware of their surroundings down here, and then they usually stay ok...lot of beauty and exotic critters, that don't inhabit the rest of the USA


Mountain Lion



Tarantula Wasp...they sting the Tarantulas lay their eggs and the Tarantula plays host until the wasp is born, then it kills the Tarantula.


Gila of only 2 venomous lizards in the world.


One of the many many types of Rattle Snakes here

Coral's venom is worse than the Rattler's above

Road Runner

Blue Collared Lizard

Horny Toad Lizard

Gambles Quail

Harris Hawk


Mexican Grey Wolf

This is worst of them all! I'd rather be bitten by a rattle snake!

Brown Recluse spider bite
The venom eats the flesh and kills nerve tissue, if left untreated you could loose a leg!

Almost forgot....the Bobcat!

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strange how i'm not on the list XP

Why would you be on that list?

These are the critters that we have here where I live.

Awesome collection... the bird that resembles a cardinal is called a Pyrrhuloxia, I believe... but I think that picture is actually a cardinal... the Pyrrhuloxia looks similar but has most of the red replaced by gray. Here is a picture of one:

Thanks ;)
But....No I am right, and thanks for reminding me of the name of the bird I had forgotten it....the RED BIRD IS A PYRRHULOXIA...but it's the MALE..the grey bird in your above link ALSO IS A PYRRHULOXIA...but its the FEMALE :)
They are both the same type of bird.

Hey Spice, I hope I'm not being a total pain about this, but I researched it and have found that in the Pyrrhuloxia, both sexes are mainly gray but with a red crest and a red throat (which is more muted in the female), whereas the cardinal is all red (brown in the female) with a black throat. Check this out please, you'll see:

OK I'll look at it... but please as I said, I dislike arguing. Every person is entitled to their opinion. For the record however, what is that website?

Ah don't worry about it :)

Yes, I don't come on EP to argue much either

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Scary animals good thing I don't live anyway where near that desert!