I'm Into A Lot Of Things

I'm into reiki, yoga, astrology, herbalogy, pottery, palmistry, witchcraft   and all that wasn't enough so I went to  crossdressing!   I realized  why I was into so many things  I was ignoring my urge to crossdress.   I did try on a bra when I was 13 but that was because of a dare.   I tried a few of my sister  Sherry's  dresses on  when I was about 15.   I never really got into crossdressing until my late 20's  and it was sparodic.   I should've got more into it and fear of what others think  bothered me.   Now  I think so what about others  I no longer give a damn about what some jerks think!   I wasted too much time in hospitals  seeing doctors, therapists,  psychologists .   They really don't understand so they really don't help.   I think I'm finally on the right path!
a few neighbors  expect me to quit!  They must've noticed me crossdressing cause they said He won't quit!  He won't give up!   Why don't they come to me and inquire about things  rather than just assuming things?   I have to get the nerve to let more people know about my crossdressing but I fear I might be put in the hospital again if I got too open about it.   Being in the hospital is no picnic!
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

well then you need to acquire discretion..You need to not be visible about your private life. It is true that you need to feel good about yourself, and at the same time not feel obligated to explain yourself. Your activity is benign. it is not harmful to you or those around you. And so go about your daily routine with dignity and pride.