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I Love To Ask My Daddy To **** His Little Girl

i love it when my husband is ******* me hard and he tells me what a good little girl i am. The first time he did it i went to another zone. I quickly learned i love it when daddy rubs my clitty and i can open wide for him. I beg daddy to **** me 'please daddy **** your little girl' '**** your little girl daddy oh daddy , yes thank you daddy thank you daddy' as i am coming. Some times i like to go on to all fours and crawl to my daddy and ask him if he is hungry and if he will help my ******* to grow. I ask him to milk me so my ******* will be nice and firm. Sadly my husband and i are not together at this time so i have no daddy and i miss him. so do my aching *******. 
bigjugs4u2milk bigjugs4u2milk 46-50, F 10 Responses Jul 3, 2011

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What I shame.

Wow hot!

What wonderful memories this arouses in me. My late wife loved her daddy and would often dress like a little girl and come onto me and call me daddy. We actually did a daddy-daughter show in our swing group a few times. There is a natural tendency in girls to want their daddy just as boys want their moms, and it can make for a very exciting sex life in a relationship

I agree. Since joining EP 3 years ago, and a little before then even, I discovered within myself this latent Daddy / Daughter obsession and found it very arousing. I had several online lady friends who I had never met but we engaged in D/D role play dialogues and it turned me on something fierce. And now there is a young lady, 20 (I'm 69) and she pretends to be a young teenager and she sends me the hottest fantasies of the two of us getting it on. Her 9 stories are all true and all about she, at 10,11,12, etc, with older men in her family, fathers of girlfriends, and teachers, the janitor, and the coach at school, all with whom she's had some Young/Old activity. Bloody hot!!!!! And we talk online, so I agree that she, at least, wants her "Daddy" very much, and very sexually, too, or at least in her fantasies. So I play Daddy...hahaha

Every time I read this, I imagine what you look like on all fours with your ******* hanging down just aching to be milked. I love the sound of that expression, "Milk me, daddy, please milk me."..."Put your mouth up onto my breasts and latch onto my nipples and milk me. Milk the milk out of my breasts. I want to give you my milk"....Those words are such a turn on for much more so than "**** me in the ***,"..or "*** in my mouth" etc....I don't know why,but I'm just a man so into the idea of suckling breasts, and nice ones too. I once had that chance and it was so nice.

DEAREST "bigjugs4u2milk", I still love this story so much. I'm really into this kind of role play fantasy because I think it represents the kind of tender, loving, soft, affectionate, but assertive feelings that, like many men, we have towards our first girlfriends when we were teens and wanted to experience then, and want to continue to experience as we get older. Human sexuality is a complex thing, very complex, and it's only now in the 20th and 21st Centuries, with all the medical research being done into human reproductive technology, and all the discovering of how our brains function, that we can 'update' our understandings of hoe this social, religious, personal, biological phenomenon called "sexuality" works. Like advances in other parts of medicine, like how the heart works, and how the digestive system functions, sex is still a field that needs more research. So the fantasy part of arousal and sexual fulfillment has to be included in this. You're a woman now, but you want to be a little girls with womanly experiences. And you want your daddy to be your boyfriend / husband.....WOW, HOT AS HELL!!!!....hahahaha

Well well I did enjoy your Daddy fixation.. Hope you get your DADDY soon to oblige you ...


I like it,gotta find a way to have my husband do this!

I love it when daddys lil girl crawls to me telling me how hot she is!!!!

I love daddy daughter role play. I love hearing "i'm your good little girl daddy, please hurt my little ***** with your big **** and make me feel good " if I am behind a woman when that bomb goes off my **** plunges in so deep and hard while I ***, and my hands squeeze hard onto her nipples. Mmmmm so hot. If you are interested in some daddy daughter rp chat let me know.