Obsessed With Astrology

I've been obsessed with astrology for about six years now. I have a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon and Cancer Rising. I don't believe in the daily horoscopes (though I will never hesitate to read mine). I'm more into the personality aspect of astrology. And trust me, in my years, I really have seen many folks match up with their astrology sign descriptions. It's pretty incredible.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2011

You're right. Even though we can't put all 7 billion people in 12 groups, they still have similarities to their astrology sign desc<x>riptions. <br />
I'm into astrology, too. Actually I am obsessed with astrology, i think i have a problem. I can easily tell what's a zodiac sign of a certain person, almost always. Then i remember that and it makes it easier for me to know what to expect from that person and sometimes, how to act around them. I'm sure that stupid habit comes from the fact that i'm extremely insecure and shy, i'm often scared of making friends because i always think they'll disappoint me somehow. Also, I think i have low social intelligence and i make big deal of meeting new people. Some people think it's a cool 'ability' when i'm with a large group of people who i barely know and i guess their signs. Others just think it's weird or creepy or dorky. Anyway, I'm not very proud of that.

heyy,, i have the same problem. Sometimes i just wish i didnt know much about astrology.