Libra and the Far Planets In 2009

6- For Libra


Saturn in Virgo is suggesting that you’ve been working on something behind the scenes for a while now. Is it some sort of social work for a hospital, prison or a sanitarium? No? Then, what are you preparing in the darkness of your room then? Do you prefer to work alone these days? Anyway, it’s a phase of your life that will end with 2009. Just be aware of exhaustion or potential secret enemies.

If Saturn is hiding your work from public, Uranus is changing its quality towards creativeness and originality. Job opportunities are flashing while Uranus is in Pisces, so you might want to catch one to bring change or more freedom to your job.

Jupiter and Neptune are filling your life with much love and happiness this year. Two planets are standing side by side to inflame your love life this year. A large number of you will get married especially when Venus is coming and going through your 7th house for an exceptional period of time. Not only that this year is perfect for marriage but it is perfect for a honey moon, a vacation and all kinds of fun activities. The readings say that if you get married in 2009, you are likely to have your first child.

If marriage isn’t in your perspective then your year will simply be filled with romance and passion, just as you like it. You can test your luck at anything this year. In 2009, you are allowed to dream, imagine and get creative especially in the domain of art and music.

Pluto in the 4th house is not a major aspect, at least not for now.

By late October, Saturn will be in your sign and things will start taking another turn for you.

Forget about that now and enjoy your exceptional 2009.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2008