January 2009 For Leos

January 2009

For Leo:



Mars and Pluto in Capricorn:


 A good health (energy, vitality). Enjoy sports but watch for injuries. Opportunities at work/getting hired/changing the job. Will you renew or change something (quickly) about your job? Quality of service at job will be boosted.





1 - is in Aquarius


Forward motion from 1 to 10: You will plan/prepare something with your lover.


Reverse motion from 11 to 20: Communication with your lover is retrograding.


2- Is in Capricorn from 20 till after end of month: Bad feedback over work/health/employment. Watch for injuries, fractures, burns or bruises while at work.



The sun


is in Capricorn from 1 to 21: Joining the efforts of Mars and Pluto.


Is in Aquarius from 22 to after end of the month: The sun switches places with retrograding Mercury to join Jupiter and Neptune, and so giving strength to all kinds of partnerships. You can resume/restart the communications with your spouse/partner optimistically.





is in Aquarius from 1 to 2


is in Pisces from 3 till after end of month: Good period to deeply committed relationships of all kinds.



Summary: Watch what is coming out of your mouth and avoid accident of swift movements, nonetheless it is a good month for all projects (marital and/or business).


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26-30, M
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