The Saturanus and the War

The Saturnanus

Saturn and Uranus are still on a fight. Although I don’t follow news at all, but we can’t miss the world rocking news, can we?

1 - McCain/Saturn against Obama/Uranus

Unexpectedly, the new, relatively young, Obama (with his motto of change - Uranus) has won over the aged McCain . The organized endeavors of the new school have won over the unbending old school of methodical solution to all problems.


2 – Israel/Saturn against Gaza/Uranus

And now, again, a state (Saturn) and a group of people (Uranus) are fighting. It is a bloody unbalanced battle that reminds me of the mythology of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn was the son of Uranus who castrated his father and took his place as being the supreme god. This is what is going on today; an authority figure is punishing the rebellious group through the shed of blood.


The Juptune

Jupiter, the planet of justice and morality entered Aquarius (the humanitarian sign) on the 5th of the current month to join Neptune (the planet of compassion) and the sun, and thus brought major focus on compassion, justice and morality towards the hundreds of people being killed every day. The nations, world wide, are grouping (Aquarius ruling groups) to end the fight between the two quarreling parties.

Venus is taking a side

Venus will join Uranus in a few days in its fight against (opposing) the retrograding Saturn.


Mercury is making it difficult


Mercury, lord of communications, is retrograding in Aquarius until the 20th of January. So, the communications for the truce seeking nations will be difficult until that time. But after that date, Mercury will leave Aquarius to enter Capricorn.


Pluto and Mars

Pluto (secret hidden power) and Mars (blood, aggression) are in Capricorn, the natural house of government and authorities, giving it a major boost and a free hand to fight and kill.



My Prediction:

The war is going for an end and will take a plunge downward right after Mercury (20th of Jan: the exact date Of Obama assuming responsibilities!) will enter the government sector which will disrupt the communications there. From the 20th to the 30th, the government figures will suffer a great deal of stress, and the war will probably end then. Mercury will presume forward motion, the communications will get better and when Mars will leave Capricorn, that’s when the governmental figures will give up on aggression morally and physically.


P.S: I will be glad to be wrong this time. I very much hope the war will end much sooner.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2009