Feb. 2010: Bad Weather

February 2010: Bad weather

A lot of compassion and humanitarian activities are at work as the Sun, Venus and Neptune are in Aquarius. And with the opposition coming from Mars clearing out of the picture, avian accidents will have a lower probability of occurring, although the avian mobility will still be faced by dangers until the 18th.

We should hear good news coming from the field of technology, space venturing and movie making industry. As a matter of fact, did you notice that the movie making industry has made science fiction, fantasy, imagination, and surrealism a recurring favorite theme for its plots?


We have had movies like “the Lord of the Rings”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Harry Potter”, and “Avatar” before. But they were never that abundant, right? If you don’t know why, I do.

Neptune has been in the Aquarius sign since 1998 now and it has certainly made its effects clear for the observer. Jupiter was in Aquarius during 1997 and 2009, and these were the years of the first two world-wide highest-grossing films!

Another example of the effects of Neptune in Aquarius is the search for extraterrestrial life. The work in that field is getting more and more sophisticated. But in which year did we invest most? If you said 2009, then you have guessed right. The Kepler Mission which uses a NASA space observatory designed to discover Earth-like planets orbiting other stars was launched on March 7, 2009. The mission's life-cycle cost is estimated at US$600 million, including funding for 3.5 years of operation.

Turning back to our forecasts, Jupiter and Pluto are getting along during February. So this is a very good month for investments, with prior wise investments turning fruitful.

On the opposite side of things, Uranus and Mars are forming a sextile starting the 16th; unluckily that means more earthquakes and sudden bad acts of rioting and vandalism. With the square between Pluto and Saturn added, chances of terrorism acts are probable.

After the 19th, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and the sun will all be in Pisces. News of accordance, religious benediction, help, rescue, charity, compassion and imagination will hit the news. Unfortunately news of help and rescue could be preceded by disastrous news of inundation, shipwreck, and poor control of water. February is most probably a rainy/ snowy month.

kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Feb 2, 2010