I enjoy when other men look at my gf.
Recently we were shopping around and she was wearing these low cut jeans and her gstrings went higher. While shopping I offered to hold her coat so she would not have to take it off and back on all the time. A number of men enjoyed the view of her gstrings and the top of her *** as we went along and she would bend sometimes to look at stuff on lower displays...
When we came home I just wanted her on the spot... While I was ******* her I told her that men could see her gstring and apparently enjoyed... She was turned on and asked if I really enjoyed looking at men checking her out... I was so hard and excited... I said that "yes" i loved it.
She said that we should do it again and maybe she'd show more... I cumed on the spot
ThomParis ThomParis
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Have her wear really low cut jeans and no underware...much sexier!