My Time As A Damsel In Distress

It has been some time since I have had the opportunity to become a damsel in distress so I decided to write about one since I am in the mood for such an activity.  I have locked and bolted the front door and have put on a pair of nylon panties and a pair of pantyhose as my foundation garments. Then a body briefer with the clasps in the seat to hold everything in position.  I have decided to emulate the picture in the topic section of the experience project topic by putting on a cream colored button-down blouse and a pencil type black skirt along with a two-inch wide belt to cinch in the waist.  Since it is such a muggy day where I am this will be a captivity that will shed a pound or two before the activity is completed.  Since this will be a seated tie  in my computer chair, I will wear a pair of three inch heels that I have worn before in a previous tie but no ankle straps since you never know when someone is going to pull the fire alarm where I live and I may have to make a quick escape (with a t-shirt, jeans and house slippers nearby).

Now seated I have decided to cinch the ankles of my tie by starting with a larks head pull and a simple shoe tie after the wrap & cinch.  Then a simple rope tie above the knees since I adore looking down at my rope work as I am held captive.  Then the two body ties to the torso.  One right below the belt over the skirt and the other both below and above the bra area within the main body frame.  I left a little slack in the tie so I could slip my upper arms in before putting my wrists into the handcuffs.  The handcuffs for this tie are the ones with the little tab on the side of each cuff that can serve as a quick release if the need would occur.  Then upon my arms being wedged within the chest rope ties and two quick-clicks of the handcuffs, I was incapacitated by my own hand. 

After the first fifteen minutes I begin to go into the state of subconsciousness that most incapacitated victims of self bondage go into when tied up.  Since I did not blindfold nor gagged myself, I just closed my eyes to get into the sensual phase of being a distressed damsel.  I would occasionally point my toes within the heels and land my feel back into my heels and open my eyes every so often as i looked down at my suntan-hosed upper legs.  The sensations in this state are in a way relaxing, that is of course until the tightness of the rope will not bulge too much.  I was content with my rope tie until about 30 minutes in when the chafing of the ropes at the upper knees and bra line began to get literally under my skin.  Also since I did not do a complete character change by putting on makeup nor a wig, the perspiration of my body was giving me a sauna-type cleansing of the head and chest.  I decided that I would tough it out for one hour in this captivity before I would release myself. 

I began to get slack in my chest tie and I kept looking over the sides of my knees at my feet in the heels and the hosiery.  By this time there were slight indentations at the back of the heels that served as my physical marks of my quick damsel tie.  The last ten minutes of the session seemed to go on as long as the first 30 since the anticipation of finally getting out of my imposed sentence as a damsel was near.

At 37 minutes past the hour I began to squirm and move around to get out.  I guess I wanted to do this quick tie as an initiation into this damsel in distress life experience topic "club".  I finally flipped the latch within one the the handcuffs to release my wrist and begin my untie.  I don't really fully understand why I do this every so often but I feel renewed and mentally refreshed by being a kidnap victim every so often and leffing go for a while by being tied up.

With an sense of accomplishment I take one more look in the mirror (at least from the chest down) as this lady that I fantasize I could have been if that certain chromosome had been the other type,  And for a while have the opportunity to be if only for a short period of time.  Now for the rest of the evening it is time to do some laundry and put away all of my womanly apparel until the next time I have the compulsion to become the damsel in distress comes around.  The anticipation to go through the next damsel-in-distress adventure has already begun!

Thank you for letting me share this story with you.  Comments and feedback are always welcomed and remember to practice such activity safely.

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Wish you would do that to me...of course no quick release ciffs though...hott story ;)

So nice!

I love it being bound and helpless like this.

I have posted this photo for you in my latest experience.

I hope you looked something like The Damsel in the photo as this is something I want to wear when tied up to a chair.

Har ha, Yes! that would look hot and sexy all trussed up with rope.

I too love to see my legs bound in cynch knotted white rope.

A superb, honest rendition of DiD and The Self Bondage experience.

You hit the nial on the head there Seiler. I regularly experience those drowsy moments after I have tied myself up; the gag becomes comfy but still tight, my legs are well bound but not uncomfortable and sometimes my arms and wrist are at ease though they are the limbs that suffer the most hence all the wrigling to get comfy in the chair that I am tied to.

Dear Majikal186,<br />
<br />
Your account rings true. Thank you for sharing your experience.<br />
<br />
I, too, have explored the experience of being tied up. As you note, after some time passes the bound person tends to fall into a kind of stupor marked by dulled sensations and a tendency to drowse off. This comports with more common experiences.<br />
<br />
For example, when you first step into a bathtub, the water may seem hot. After just a minute or two, however, you "get used" to it. It no longer feels hot. This happens even though, ob<x>jectively, the temperature of the water has not much changed.<br />
<br />
While getting tied up, you very much feel your bonds. The constraints seem to grip you with a force of their own. Within minutes, however, your body gets used to them. After half an hour, you hardly feel them, even though you're as tightly bound as ever. <br />
<br />
This happens because our nervous systems are attuned to detecting changes, not constants. We see, hear, or feel something when it first occurs to us. After a while, however, our nerves "adapt" to the stimulus. If it remains constant---like ropes around your wrists and ankles---the sensation diminishes with time until, finally, you feel it hardly at all. <br />
<br />
The body seems to crave both movement and sensation. Hence, being tied up for any length of time, a person will tend to twist and writhe, not because he expects that these movements will aid in freeing himself, but simply to satisfy basic bodily needs. <br />
<br />
This phenomenon---turning and twisting while bound---seems to mimic ************. In fact, it can resemble a woman's having an ******, especially when the bound person is moaning into a gag. Of course, movie makers would never show that on mainstream TV, never mind that when it comes to violence, they have no qualms about showing anything from gun play to atomic bomb explosions. A damsel writhing in her bonds? Obscene! We can't show THAT.

You share very similar scenario and DiD times / schedules to me Majikal86. The precise working out and inputting possible problems / escape strategies is syncronous to my own experiences. I work very hard just to get up to that moment of when you first start a session whether it is a straight self or soft bondage session or DiD bondage. Picking out what particular ties or straps has to be chosen as it is essential to experiment. If it is scarves then which ones? Will it be a cleave gag or tape, or in my case, both!<br />
Again, am I wearing white cotton socks and if so how long and which pair of plimsolls (as I have many now) to wear? I check the time and make note of the moment when I truly come as close to being totally incapacitated as I can. I have an escape plan prepared if it proves too successful and loads of uninterrupted time usually, as I have had his year. I try to go as long as I can with a session after putting so much effort and thought into it, I want as much out of it as I can get. I usually reach my sleeping stage aftera session (still bound & gagged) but somtimes nod off in a surprisingly relaxed state before, considering my legs are tied and then each bind is pulled together by another bind and my torso is held to the chair and arms are quite securely held in place by three separate binds / straps and my mouth is taped over and a white cotton cleave gag is securely tied tigh over that! <br />
I can usually squirm and wriggle for dramatic effect and to really get things going do lots of "Mmmmmmph!" and groan some.<br />
It can take just as long sometimes to get untied as when I am meticulously tying myself up.<br />
Tie ya later!