The Surprise

  I was watching TV and sipping some wine. Now normally I like beer. Number one, because I like the taste. And number two, because there are no surprises. I know when I'm getting a buzz, and when it's time to stop. But when I went to the store they had this big display, and the price was right for this big bottle of Merlot. So I said what the heck, why not be different tonight.
  At any rate I got bored with the TV, and decided to go online to a chat room. Now i vaguely remember deciding to dress. And that I was getting buzzed. And then I guess I went to bed and crashed.
  And then I heard it. Kinda like a click, but not quite. I was in that state where you are half way between sleep and waking. And then again, that sound. Well I cracked my eyes open to see what was making that sound. And took in my next door neighbor, standing by the side of my bed!
  I started to jerk to sit up in bed, but was jerked back flat immediately! And then she chuckled and said "Well, I see you're finally awake. I thought you were never going to wake up this morning."
  Now I was *******, grunting and going spastic every which way. But it was doing no good. I was bound hand and foot, tied to the head and foot boards of my bed. My arms and elbows were tied behind my back. And my knees and ankles were tied tightly together as well. I say I was grunting, I was gagged as well!
  Now she sat on the bed next to me and said "Calm down now. You'll just hurt yourself or sprain something. And we wouldn't want that, now would we?" Even though I felt this electric buzz running through my whole body, telling me to get out, to escape, I realized that I was totally, completely helpless. She had really bound me well. Feeling like I had hit a wall, I finally stopped struggling.
  She said "You really must have tied one on last night, and chuckled again. That big bottle of wine next to you computer only had one glass left in it. At any rate, I came by this morning to borrow a cup of sugar. Your front door was open, but when I knocked you didn't answer. So I let myself in to see if I could find you. That's when I saw the bottle next to your computer. You left your computer on too! And open to that DiD page. Now the picture of the tied up woman got my attention. So I browsed through some of the stories. My, my, but I would never have suspected this of you."
  My body still buzzing, and at the same time feeling like I was going into shock, I just stared at her wide eyed.
  Now she reached over and put her hand on my butt. I looked down, and with an absolute electric shock, I saw I was dressed! I was wearing my black pencil skirt with the embroidered white blouse. And black hose with my black and white ankle strap heels.
  She said "I remember us talking about how you had found this chat room, where the guys dressed in womens clothes. But I confess I was absolutely surprised to find you dressed like this and passed out on your bed. I never would have pictured you doing this. But then I thought, you know, I ought to give him a surprise, or should I say I should give Nita a surprise. It is Nita isn't it?"
  I just nodded my head and mmmfffed.
  Then she said "So I decided why not. I looked around, and found your open lingerie drawer. And under that, the one with all your rope! So here we are!" And she giggled!
  Then she said "I thought what should we do when you wake up . Why let's have a photo shoot! So after I tied you, I went home and got my camera. I had  been taking pictures for a little while when you woke up. Isn't it better with you awake?"
  All I could do was mmmfff again.
  Now she stood up and said "I do like your style in clothes. I like the black and white contrast of your clothes. It makes for good photo compositions."
  And with that she put her hand under my hip and said "Lift up." I did, and she raised the hem of my skirt up till it was sitting just below my belly button. This exposed the white half slip. She clapped her hands and said gleefully " See! Nice contrast. Black skirt, white slip!" And stepped back and took another picture.
  Next she said "Lift up again". When I did she raised the slip up and tucked all but the lace hem under the skirt. She clapped her hands again and said "Nice, very nice", taking another picture.
  Now my black garter belt over the white nylon panties were exposed as well! She said "Yes, very nice contrast! Black skirt, white slip, black garter belt, and white panties! I love the bit of exposed skin between the white lace at the top of your panties and the bottom of your garter belt. I'm so glad you put the garters over the panties. It looks so much classier that way, don't you agree?" And took another picture.
  All I could do was mmmfff.
  With that, my grandfather clock started chiming. She looked at her watch and said "Oh my, this has taken longer than I thought. I really have to run!"
  I went MMMFFF??? She looked at me and said "Don't worry darling. After I get these downloaded onto my computer I'll email you any of these photos that you want! I don't have time to totally free you, as I really do have to run. So I'll just free your arms, and you can do the rest."  
  And with that she untied my elbows and wrists, then walked to the doorway and turned. And said " We'll definately have to get together again" and left.
  As I finished freeing myself, all i could think was What Next, What Next? I guess it's up to her.
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4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Excellent story, would love to meet your neighbour!<br />
<br />
Love Kathy

why ty boundboy. and yes. i will. i know Steve is waiting as well, LOL!

meanie! but i'll continue it.

Well Nita, what a story! That will teach to drink alone. Will you be continiuing this story or starting another one? I was impressed by the narrative but I would have left you all tied up until I got back hee he!