Tied N Gagged

i hve asked my girlfriend many times if she could tie and gagg me in such a way that i cannot get out and leave me maybe go shopping or something one day she told me to get dressed i put on matching uplift bra and knickers suspender belt and black silk stockings and 4 in high stilleto heels black pencil skirt and white satin blouse and wide black pvc belt
i told her i was ready she came into the bedroom first of all she put a rooled up sock into my mouth and then wrapped silver duct tape round 4/5 times so i could not make a sound then she sat me on a dinning chair and tied my wrist very tight around my back then she tied my chest first the top part of my chest pulling the rope very tight so i could not move away from the chair back then she tied the bottom chest as tight again going under my armpits and around the back of my neck pulling compleately to the back of the chair follwedby my knees to the chair and legs and ankles there i was bound and gagged the outline of the bra showing through the polyester come satin blouse pushing my fake bust out not able to move a mucle or speak a word thinking **** i asked for this .the time was around 3.30 pm then she said you said you wanted me to leave you alone so be it i have booked my hair cut in for 5,30 pm late nite opening it will take 30 mins to walk there and then i am going for a coffee she said untill its haircut time and by the way her hair takes 2 hours plus to do then im going for a wine with my sister who i have not seen for a feww weeks and wants to make a nite of it maybe a club or something then she said if you shout me before i go out the door i will untie you and not go if you dont shout me back she says i will go out do what im doing and who knows after a few drinks i could stop at my sisters overnite but not to worry i will come home in the morning around 10am i will check your ok then i will have a shower and believe it or not i will be meeting my mother for lunch at 1pm so bye bye shout me if you dont want me to leave you
then the door closed i tried my very best to should her but i could not utter a word or move a inch then the banged and she was gone not a sound and i was stuck this was her way of teaching me a lesson she never liked tieing me up hated it as the night went on my blouse was now soaking wet and my fake boobs and nipples were pressing against the sheer satin of my white blouse [ she called it my secretary outfit] stuck and scared not being able to get out
i fell a sleep at some point during the nite only a micro sleep i think cos i had no idea of the time then it was coming daylight then i heard the milkman then the postman so i figgured she would be home soon 2 hours later she came home and the first thing she did was come and check i was ok [ which i was ] then she said she was having a shower then she felt sorry for me and would let me out great after her shower and getting herself ready she back into the room with a cup of coffee and said you know what i have changed my mind iam leaving you there your not going anywhere im in charge tough with that she got up and i heard the bathroom tap running then she came back in the room with a ice cold bucket of water and poured it over my chest and said that will cool you down now you could see the bright pink shape and pattern of my uplift sexy bra show through the white satin blouse [ shirt type with coller] still bound and gagged and now soaking wet as well i was there for 4 hours and she came home and let me out and then she said that she got a real buzz out of tieing me up and if i wanted her to do again next week she would
not a chance i said NOT FOR A LONFG TIME LOVE]


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8 Responses Jun 23, 2011

Bloody Brilliant!

Wow, that was a great story! Wish my wife would do something like that, maybe not that long, she too does not like bondage:(

wow thats really crazy tied up for a long time like that thats awesome, i tried to let my wife do that but i get really rwally into making out with her that she asks me to let me go i say yes and we have a "good time " but for that longi think i could manage ori will try to do that

I wish sum 1 would do that to me but with a noose so if i moved id hand n she could leave me for like a week :D ahhhhhhh gettin hard ere

No, a few hours say may be 3 or 4 but a day? No, I couldn't do that. Longest I have done tied and gagged and tied to a chair crossdressed is my personal record of 3 hrs!

I love to be tied up like that, perhaps not that long though.

Wish i had someone who would play that way with me!