Stuck In Bondage

hi here is another storie about my bondage games ,i asked my girlfriend to tie me up and gagg me ,and leave me all night .so after a lond disscussion she agreed ,but only after we had been out and had a few drinks [ it was sat night ] so we went out and came back around 1am having had a few drinks , she said she had got all my clothes set out in the room next door on the bed , and if we have a few more drinks and watch a dvd she would it later , sio i agreed .we watched a dvd and around 3am she said ,now its time to get yourself ready ,but this time its going to be my way , iam going to blindfold you and take you to where your clothes are set out on the bed and you wll put thses latex gloves on so you cannot feel the material of the stockings or clothes ie blouse etc , cos with the gloves on they feel the same ,i have 4 different blouses plus a pussybow blouse ,different textures ie satin , polyester, soft cotton and different colours . so she led me into the room and said you get dressed and i will be back in 20 mins ,so i started to get dressed , this is what it felt like to me , first i put on my suspender/belt and stockings , trhey felt silky ,then my knickers , silky and then a bra [ uplift and underwired ] then a silky underskirt ,and the the blouse , and skirt ,and a wude belt [ i have several ] and highheel 4in shoes .she came in and said the blindfold stays on untill i finish with you .she began to tie me to the chair first my wrist toggetther and pulled to the middle of the chair behind me , then she did my ankles toggetther and to the centre bar on the chair , i could not move them or stamp them ,then she tied a long rope around my bottom chest just under my boobs and one above and then pulled tight around the chair several times so i could not move ,then she tied my thighs and bum to the seat of the chair , NOW I COULD NOT MOVE AN INCH , MY FEET ANKLES ETC WERE TIED VERY VERY TIGHT NO MOVEMENT ]then she put a rooled up sock into my mouth and put duck tape around a few times i could not make a sound ,then she told me that she was going to turn off all the lights so it was like being in a blackout , and take the blindfold off and leave me ,she took off the blindfold and went after adjusting my eyesight out for a moment i could not see anything in the room not even a picture or lamp complete darkness ,i could not see WHICH CLOTHES I HAD PUT ON , NOT EVEN THE COLOUR OF THE BLOUSE IT WAS THAT DARK , after my girlfriend had gone to bed i knew i only had about 20 mins before it would be to late she would fall asleep and i would be there all night unless i could get her to here me and let me out [ she always fell asleep very quick afer a few wines ]i tried to call her but i could not move my lips and tongue she had done a great job so i tried to maybe move the chair side to side but again the chair would not move nor would my anlkes or knees i was struck , that was that i knew she had gone to sleep cos i could net her her moving around anymore .it seemed like ours before daylight started to shine through the curtains bit by bit ,and i started to see what she had made me dress like . I HAD BLACK STOCKINGS , AND A GREY PINSTRIPE OFFICE SKIRT AND WIDE PURPLE PVC BELT , AND A PINK SHIRT STYLE SATIN BLOUSE . I COULD SEE THE OUTLINE OF MY BRA IT WAS A BLACK UPLIFT BRA VERY SEXY .SHE LEFT ME THERE FOR ABOUT 7 HOURS UNTILL SHE GOT UP AND DRESSED , KNACCKERED
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2012

I don't get it.. are you complaining? That would be my ideal fantasy..

Oh My ****! :-)