Bound And Again

we moved house not long ago , and i wanted my girlfriend to tie me up and gagg me and go shopping for a while ,but she is not very keen to do it , anyway she agreed , but it was about 4pm i had a shower , and she said she would get all my stuff set out on the bed that i was to put on , [ i always blind fold myself and wear latex gloves , ] so when i start getting dressed i do not know what im puting on , the stockings feel the same but i dont know the colour , the blouse feels silky and soft but i dont know the colour etc , even down to the belt i wear , , so i go into the room , i cannot see a thing , i put on my suspender /belt the the silky stockings then i put on my underwired padded bra , and then my sily underskirt , i put ballooons with water in my bra , and then i put my blouse on , and then my tight fitting pencil skirt and wide belt , [ i have 4/5 blouses skirts belts stockings bras etc , so i never know which she puts out for me to wear, ] then i sit in the high chair , i then put a rolled up pair of socks into my mouth and secure round ith duct tape , 5/6 times around making sure i cannot speak , then my girlfriend comes into the room and first of all she gets a rope and goes around my top chest 5/6 times pulling tight each time , then she does the same below my bust wrapping around 5/6 times again , making sure now that i cannot pull away from the chair .then she ties my ankles to the bar across the bottom of the chair legs ,first the front of my high heels and then the back of my 4inch heels , stopping me from stamping or even moving my feet from side to side , then proceeds to tie my wrist behind my back , wrapping the rope around 5/6 times then going around the middle of my wrist pulling them close toggether , and stopping them moving . then she ties my knees , she wraps the rope around 9/10 times going inbetween a few times again pulling my knees toggether , same with just below my knees and just above my ankles , then she gets a long rope and goes around my knees and around the chair seat stopping me moveing up or down , then she gets a long rope ties it to the bottom of my ankles pulls it up to my wrist and around and pulls down hard and tight , back to my ankles and the she pulls it back up and around my bottom chest rope and again pulls down hard and tight , same again with my top chest rope , this pulls my arms and my chest in very tight and pushes my bust out , i am now tied solid to the chair unable to move or speak ., she goes outside and closes all doors and turns off all the lights , so the room is pitch black , she comes back into the room tells me she is of out ,and the answer machine is on , and that she is not going to lond because she does now want to goout on her own for to long , maybe a hour ,she takes of my blindfold , and the room is in complete darkness , i can just about see the walls of the room but cannot work out the colour if i didnt know already , and the door bangs and she as gone out , i try to look what im wearing and cannot tell if i have , black or tan or even white stockings on its that dark , not sure which blouse i have on , could be WHITE OR PALE BLUE OR EVEN MY PINK POLYESTER BLOUSE .even the skirt could be my BLUE , BLACK , OR GREY PINSTRIPE very hard to tell , i can see my bra pushing against the polyester /satin blouse ,but dont know the colour or even the style ie lacy , plain , or even if its got the pattern on and you can see through my blouse , , i have been here for a while unable to shout or move , inthe dark , my body begins to sweat i feel my blouse getting damp , and cold , i have been here aprox 2 hours and the phone rings its my girlfriend , she starts to talk , hi just been up town , hope your ok , im having a coffee and big mac be back in 30 mins , great i thought , i can squirm around and make myself sweat more and feel like a kidnap victim , she will be home and i will be let out and , i can pesrer her agin another day ,anyway 30 mins later iamnow soaking my blouse is stuck to me , my ropes are wet so trhere is no give in them now , then the phone rings , hi she says , its obvious you cannot get out ,and you will only keep asking me to do again and again , so , **** it , ive hads enough , you wanted it so you can have it lets see if you want again ,ha ha she laughed ,i have rang my mum and told her her you have gone to work for some overtime , and im on my own [ sat night ] can i come around for a chinese and a bottle of wine , and she said yes , so im going to spend sat evening with her , which is better the coming home watching you bound and gagged , ] speak soon loser , iamnow panicking oh my god i wanted this so bad and now im here tied and gagged unable to move in the dark ,[ dressed just like a secretary ] ,i guess its about 11pm now iknow my girlfriends mum only as a i bed apt so she would not stay over , so she would be home anytime now , then the phone rang great she going to tell me she is in a taxi on her way , WRONG its her mum , hi she says its -------[ mum ] she as fallen asleep on the settee [ my girlfriend 3 glasses of wine thats it ] so just to let you know its 11.30 pm , im going to bed shortly if you want to pick her up on your way home from work i will be up till midnight ,if not she will come home tommorow morning , bye bye , then the phone goes down , and im stuck ,i must have nodded off sometime in the night , but dont know how long for , because the rooms are blacked out , but i could hear the birds singing , so i was guessing it was around , 7.30 8am about another hour went by and the phone rang hi , sorry about last nite i must have fallen a sleep ,hope your ok ,,its 11 45 now , so im going to have sunday lunch and walk home [ 30 min walk ] see you , bye
, so i tried my best to stuggle and get out of the ropes no chance cannot move , about 5 hours later the ***** came in turned on the lights and said she was going to have a shower and let me out after she has had a chat with me , she the went for her shower , NOW I COULD SEE WHAT CLOTRHES I WAS WEARING ALL NIGHT , 4 INCH STILLETOS , TAN STOCKINGS , NAVY BLUE PENCIL SKIRT, BLACK PVC WIDE FITTING BELT , PINK BLOUSE [ POLYESTER/SATIN MATERIAL ] UNDERNEATH I COULD SEE THE WHITE LACY BRA INPRINT SHINING THROUGH , oh my god , it looked great , i was sat there admiring myself in the full legh mirror she had placed a few feet away from me , when she came back into the room , please do not tell me your still enjoying yourself she said , because if you are , you can stay there while i nip to the shop , with that she said bye bye and the dood banged , 20 mins later she returned , and said iam going to let out now , but if you ask me again , it will be even longer next time so just remmember thsat , cos i wont tell you what im doing untill i have you tied and gagged YOUR CHOICE SHE SAID and if thats not what you want i will leave you untill agree , [ i knodded my head in agrrement and she untied me , THE END PLEASE COMMENT OR IF YOU ANYTHING BETTER
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I have nothing better because that has never happened to me but OMG it is brilliant. Wish it did happen. How long were you tied up and gagged for?