How I Beacame A Damsel Fan

when I was 9 or 10, across the street thru the lot down the hill and follow the path behind the houses,was found several boxes of ****. No one knew who found it, all of us just heard and explored and there it was, exciting times for kids like 9 to 14 or 15.Full of glossy picture mags, (fav of the boys)old style detective mags with sexy covers and boring stories, tons of paperback **** books in all genres.Somebodies **** collection, in boxes and just set under cover.Plus, there were a lot of damsel books and mags, everything from Pauline, (wish I still had them)and that style, to hard core damsels with the sex stuff and everything in between I guess. We would go there and browse, take some back up the green belt and hang out, usually ending in each of us doing ourselves hidden in the trees, or the group from that day would all decide to go home for something , hiding their **** where ever they could. I took all kinds to stash at home,I didnt look at it everyday, but I didnt want to lose it( the start of my **** addiction)
The damsels in distress, got me going, it had a sexual tension and implied impending rape, even the legit cartoons have it, I would sense it sitting on the floor watching them. Then some books had the full sex and rape treatment going,which was ok , but they first twinges everytime I got to thinking about it, were sweetest with the semi soft core versions, not the hard core.I had the whole run of **** categories, rape, ******, teens, abusive, rauncy in those books, and damsels had parts of all of that in them.
I do like it, and its one of the few **** kinks that I have never seen much of online for some reason. Close, in some movies, but never really taken to the level paper **** did.I guess Im just  to cheap to  buy  it. But its been a  life long  sex thing. When  I was old enough to  pick my  own clothes, I  always went  for  good fitting  black skirts  and a blouse. Even today i feel  very  feminine  wearing  them.
Heres my requirements for good damsel in distress, 1. She always wanders into danger, acccidentally a victim of citcimstance, not kidnapped or targeted. (Not that that isnt good, its just something else.)Her sexual torment begins inadvertanly, tight rope in wrong spot, vibrating truck bed etc, should be a fair amount of verbal torment at some point, leading to the ending,.and her sexual release, or toment, depends on the outcome between the villian and hero.
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Hmmm... I've never heard of this. Haven't seen any on Literotica... Never was that lucky to find this stuff as a kid either.

Wow. I'd never heard of this - or didn't know it had a name and fans.

But I do remember the neighborhood **** stash. Maybe explains my thing for moresomes.