Good Ol Fashioned Revenge

My first girlfriend and I dated during my seior year of high school/ first year of college. It was a nasty breakup and we did not end on good terms. For the past year or so I have been single and lovin it. A few nights ago, I was sitting at home watchig the hockey game ( Go Red Wings), relaxing and having a very good night. After the first period I get a knock on my front door. I open it and theres my ex just standing there, it looked like she had just got done crying...Great.... She was wearing a tight leather jacket, black shirt under that, tight blue jeans, and High heel boots that came to just below her knees, She knew I loved that outfit when we dated, and needless to say she looked pretty good. Anyways, I asked her what she wanted. She replied with " Baby, We made a horrible mistake breaking up, I want you back. Can I come in and talk?" I told her I wasnt interested, but for almost 15 minutes she kept persisting and pleading. The game was about to start again, so I said "**** it" and let her in. She and I sat on the couch and she kept talking, and talking, and talking.... God, she wouldnt shut up! Thats when an idea came to my mind.... I began to place my hands on her knees, kissing her on the cheek, before I knew it, we were making out. After about 15 minutes she went to the bathroom, and thats when I took action! Quietly I went to the garage and grabbed 2 rolls of duct tape, and waited in the room by the bathroom. When she came out, I snuck up behind her, put my hand on her mouth and dragged her into the kitchen. She thought It was a game at that point and just gave slight little mmmmphing sound and didnt struggle that much. Once we got into the kitchen, I sat her into the chair, Taped her hands behind her back, taped her torso just above and below her breasts, taped her booted legs at the ankles, and knees, then taped her thighs down nice and tight. She was gigglig and smiling and looked at me and said " So now what ( with a wink at the end) " thats when I stuffed a rag into her mouth, and wrapped layers and layers of tape around her mouth. MMMMMPPHHH MMMMMMPHHHHHh!!! Was all she could say. " Well" I said, " Your tied up and gagged nice and tight, no way of getting free.... Im gonna finish watching the Game." MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHMMMMMMPHHH!!! She protested. So on that note, I went back into the t.v. room and watched the game. The best part was that I could see her in the kitchen, franctically trying to get free, and desperatley moaing for help.
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Nice story, but ummmmm....what happened next, did the Wings win or lose? LOL Oh, might has well ask about your noise maker in the kitchen too, what did you do to her next?