The Adventures of Schoolgyrl Karen Case #1

Hi, I am Karen. I like to play young girl detective games. That’s because I am a schoolgirl detective. I like to try to solve cases involving crimes but I usually ending up getting in a lot of trouble. Oh, more about me. I’m a tall girl who loves to wear skirts and dresses. I would not be caught dead in pants! Being kidnapped in a skirt may not be practical, but it is fun!

My first case was very simple. I know this lesbian couple have been kidnapping CD’s, tying them up, and taking pictures of them. I decided to go snooping around their house, and see if I can find some evidence. But what to wear… my red schoolgirl outfit of course. The usual, red plaid skirt, a red top, white kneesocks and my black MJ’s. I went over to their house and looked into the window. There are no cars in the driveway and I think they are at work so no one is home. I went to the back of the house and found an unlocked door! I snuck into the house, and no one is home. Moving along I see a room filled with video and camera equipment, and a computer. I sit down and clicked on a icon that said, ‘pic’s, and too my dismay there are many pictures of CD’s and girls tied up in various outfits, skirts, dresses, cheerleader costumes, etc… but there is a dilemma, are these legal pictures? Did they take them on their own free will… but I did not have time to think about it because suddenly, a sweet smelling rag was slammed over my mouth and nose! I tried to struggle in my short skirt, but… I can’t keep my eyes open and suddenly, everything went dark.

I finally came to, but I am having trouble opening my eyes. There is a cloth tied over them. I am blindfolded, I shrieked, but the tape over my mouth muffled my cry! Then as my mind came clear, I could not move my hands or my feet. My hands are tied tightly behind my back with rope. And my ankles are tied together also with rope, real tight. “Mmmphh, Mmmmphh,” I am lying face down on a mattress. My knee socks are protecting my ankles from the rope, but my wrists are bare and almost hurt. The light bulb went on… I’ve been kidnapped!

schoolgyrlKaren schoolgyrlKaren
Apr 8, 2014