Case#1 Part three:
Tina and I lay bound and gagged lying on cots hoping our skirts don't fly up. One of our captors left the room again and returned with a digital camera.
"Picture time!" She cackled. The ladies untied our ankles and lifted us up off the cots and Tina, now awake tried to protest through her gag. We were led down a set of stairs into a finished basement. As we entered a room I can see it is a professional photo studio! Tina and I were forced to sit back to back in wooden chairs and the lesbians tied us together to them with rope wrapped around us just below our breasts several times. And our ankles were tied to the crossbars.

"Smile girls..." but suddenly a light started to flash. "We've got company." Let's go check it out. "Sit tight girls, don't go away!" The lesbians left the room. Tina and I tried to struggle and get loose anyway we could, but the ropes are just too tight! I could feel Tina's tied wrists, and tried to untie the tight knots! Tina relaxed for a minute, but I am having trouble loosening it! The door swung open again, and the lesbians returned.

"Girls, look what we found!" There standing with them is a young teen girl with long dark hair, wearing a short white collared light blue A-line schoolgirl minidress, white kneesocks, and Mary-Janes just like I am wearing! Her hands are tied behind her back and she is cleave gagged with a white cloth.

Muffled... "Sadie!" They've got our friend Sadie! Sadie looks very scared.

"You deserve a good spanking for spying on us! We will deal with you in good time!" The villainess forced Sadie to lie face down on a bed that is near the far wall, and she tied Sadie's ankles together with rope. "I'll get my paddle," the other villainess grinned. "This girl needs to be taught a lesson. And you two girls are going to do what we say... capiche? " TBC
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I so love this tied gaged and tormented ....I love to struggle

Is there a part 4?

There will be soon.

Great story…x

Uh oh sounds like all three girls r in big trouble!

Dying to know what happened next hun. xox

There will be an update soon!

Love the story, waiting for the rest of the story, about. And the hands crawling up your legs, heading for the forbidden parts of you. And the captors finding a slick pair of panties that wouldn't be there much longer.

Interesting, but remember, I'm a pg13 kind of girl. ;)

Yes I do remember that, but if I heart something, I like to add a comment, and sometimes add to a story , I hope that you don't mind, I would like add more to it if. You do not mind. But I can never physically add to your story though
Thank you

It depends on what you are writing. All of my characters will keep their clothes on.

I can understand that, but what about wandering hands from the captor or captors
Just curious, just want to know your rules and or guidelines.
Or do you want just comments either way
Thank you for responding back, that does mean A lot. To me.

Very simple... no nudity or x-rated behavior. What you would see in an American pg-13 movie.

That does make sence to me, but I would love to give it a try but only with your approval
And thank you

Feel free to write your own story. This is what this group is for as well.

Thank you, I will try.
I wrote one under my stories, just curious if you have read it or not
Thank you again

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Good story! I love forced feminization tales!