Did I just become a damsel in distress?


Phone rings: "Hi, it's Jean. Do want to come over to have some fun? Gail and I are waiting for you!"

Me: "Sure, I'll be right over. What do you want me to wear?"

Jean: "One of your cute short schoolgirl outfits... surprise us!"

Me: "Ok, I'll be right over." Hangs up.... Now Gail and Jean are my lesbian next door neighbors and I know Jean has had a mini crush on me for months. Now, what to wear... I know they are going to kidnap me and tie me up... so it has to be a skirt and knee socks outfit.... my short tan uniform skirt and a pink top, maroon kneesocks... and I'll wear my Nike's. I put on my makeup and outfit and rush right over... it's a fall day so it's kind of a skirt and knee socks one. I ring the doorbell... and I hear "Come in!"

I open the door and there they are sitting at their kitchen cable drinking some lemonade. "Hi Karen," Jean spoke up. "Your outfit is adorable! I love the knee socks! Would you like some lemonade?"

"Sure, I said sitting down at the table with them... my skirt riding up my thighs a little... (I could see Jean staring at my legs). I take a sip of the lemonade they gave me... "this is good! I drink some more. "What kind of game are we going to play today!"

Gail chimed in..."Kidnap the schoolgirl, and hold her prisoner! And you are the victim!"

I gasp... "wait a minute, what do you mean hold me prisoner?" Suddenly, I begin to feel light headed. Their voices are starting to trail away sounding like they are in a tunnel... "what did you give me? I'm feeling very sleepy..."

"Don't worry Karen sweetheart, it's a mild sedative. I will make you weak and groggy." Jean said. She place her hand on my thigh and started to caress it. I let her do it... I'm too weak to stop her... I just want to go to sleep. Gail and Jean got up and took me by each arm. I got to my feet but my knees are weak. They led me down a hall into a room at the back of the house. My eyes are fluttering but I know I have been here before. They opened a door and on the floor is a mattress. They laid me face down on it. I try to resist but I can't! Jean makes sure my skirt stays in place. Gail pins my arms behind me... and started to tie my wrists tightly behind my back with white nylon rope. And it's very tight. I can't fight back. Jean bounds my knee-socked clad ankles together with the same kind of rope. "Don't tie any rope above her socks... I don't want any rope burns on those lovely legs," Gail ordered. So Jean added another peace of rope just below the top of my knee socks. "Hurry, this drug does not last long. Then Gail blindfolded me with a long white cloth... "I'll be right back," Jean said as she left the room.

I am starting to wake up. "Hey...what's going on...!" I quickly sense that I am tied up. "Help..." before I can scream some more Gail clamped her hand over my mouth! "Do I need to gag you?" I didn't say anything... she removed her hand..."Helllpppp!" I started to scream again... she put her hand back over my mouth.... "MMMmmphhhh...mmmmm,l"

"We need a gag," Gail shouted. Jean came back with a white cloth and some white tape. Jean shoved a hanky into my mouth... taped it... and then tied a detective style cloth gag tightly over it. "Mmmmmmphhh..." I'm affectively silenced.

The two ladies stepped back and admired their work. "Are you sure she can't get loose?" Jean asked. Gail nodded her head.

"I've got to go run an errand...keep an eye on her before we take her to the cabin." My heart jumped.... "what cabin?

Gail left. Jean kneeled down to me and started again to caress my legs. "Karen, you look so cute tied up in that little skirt!" Then she lay down beside me. "I'm sorry I had to gag you... but you look so cute!" She kissed me on the cheek. "I'll be back... don't go away!" With that she left the room and closed the door behind her.... leaving me bound and gagged on the floor. I tried with all of my might to loosen the ropes around my wrists and ankles... but it's too tight. And I could not force off the blindfold and gag... they are also tied very tight! "What am I going to do?"

End, part one.
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She's so lucky!!

Oh what a lovely fantasy. What's a girl to do?

Looking forward to next week's episode !!!!

I am very jealous. I want to experience this. 😍