Hypnotize My Wife

I have long fantasized about having my wife hypnotized into becoming a totally submissive **** that will do anything I say. I have fantasized that I have a trigger word that would put her under at anytime I feel like it. Research on the topic seems to say that this is not possible and it would also be hard to find someone willing to perform the hypnotism knowing the real reason behind it. If someone can prove me wrong and show that it can be done and there are those that are willing to conduct it, please let me know.
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I want this very same thing. Would love to be able to watch a video of my wife and I in a forced sex hypnosis film!

That is so hot I would love to be there when you do it.

I want this very bad.... To the point where my wife is stuffed, both ends, repeatedly where I am underneath her watching the entire thing. Love to just find a hypnotist who is game!

In my mind, my wife does a slow seductive *****-tease. Slowly she exposes her **** and dances around. The finally fully nude. Her hips sway ***** parading. No idea she has a room full of admiring men. I'm with you on this..fun thoughts.

they are like rocking horse shite
in the 70's there where stage show hypnotists that could do it and often did for a small fee and some fun but hypnotists these day are to scared to try anymore and just make excuses why it cant be done but I have seen it so these hypnotists of to day must be really dumb and not know their profession as good as they make to

anyone out there able to teach me how to hypnotize my wife?

I have to admit that I find the idea of doing this fascinating... I have a few ideas on this subject and I am open to conducting a couple of experiments. Contact me privately if you want to talk with me about this.

ya i m interesres my number is 7666646669

Would love to talk to a hypnotist who is game....would love to be underneath my wife watching as she is repeatedly stuffed FULL while she is hypnotized!!!

There are so many guys (myself included) who find it almost impossible to get their wife/girlfriend to be exciting in the bedroom department. Typically they are like a fish out of water; inhibited and/or prudish with a negative attitude towards sex beyond their definition while by contrast the man wants to break out of the routine, push the boundaries and get jiggy with it. Just about every guy would love his girlfriend/wife to behave like a **** in the bedroom, whereas most women are emotionally wired, crave intimacy but don't get adventurous.

I think the question is a good one. I love my wife and she's incredibly sexy but I would love my wife to behave like a bad girl and a horny **** in bed. I would love her to let me film or take photos of her without feeling insecure. I would love her to talk dirty and wear naughty underwear. I would like her to not feel guilty after she's been ************, be comfortable getting naked and I would like her to enjoy, taking time and practicing oral sex and hand jobs. I would like her to feel free to fantasize and roleplay and to be dominant and confident.

I've seen some videos/documentaries of hypnotists able to do use trigger words to get people to do some pretty amazing things. Is it possible to hypnotize someone's partner more of a bad girl in the bedroom? Or if they pretend to have a bad girl alter ego is it possible to draw on that? I find the idea very appealing.

Is there anyone out there who can hypnotize my wife for sexual fun without her knowing.

First off - not a great idea; lots of effort, large chance of failure, and super-large chance of hurting your wife. Better idea; reason & debate with her, bring her slowly into the idea of either having more sexual fun or realizing that she's got inhibitions significant enough that they need hypnotic help.

I agree with MrKalm but the warning is its like Pandoras Box (good pun but not intentional) once she gets a taste she may get out of control... thus hypnosis is safer

as I was saying earlier the hypnotists of to day unlike their counterparts of the 70's
just cant cut it these days whats it called invertabrets NO BACKBONE

aaand yet another party pooper ooooo you cant do that its not right to do that without her knowing baaahumbug try suggesting it to most mens wives and you will get the same answer obviously mr calm hasn't got a 40 plus wife that tells him to go **** off at every suggestion you make other than lets go shopping

Other than the obvious issues I just pointed out, good luck with having more consensual sex (with whatever sort of fantasy that includes, perhaps even nc-play - some inhibited women have fantasies about that) with your wife - we need more of that sort of thinking

what is nc play?

I will send you an email that you must read to her 3 times a day. Even when she is sleeping will help

send me the email as well if it works ill give you it privately if you mail me

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To everybody who wants to do this sort of thing, read my story "A Question I Get Asked A Lot, So Here's My Advice".

do it


i wonder if there is a forum somewhere witha bunch of wives trying to get a tist to hypnotize there husbands to just go to sleep and stop bothering them for sex. I know my wife would do this lol :(

thanks. if we were getting it at home i am sure many of us would not be here.

there probably is...no, what we are suggesting is thought induction into your wife to get her to do the things "YOU" want

like "giving blow-jobs is good for stopping colds"... its true I swear ;-}

I really want to do my girl bad while shes asleep.Someomne teach me to do this please.Ecspectially in her riding me position....

oh that's a hard one...my ex said its ok to **** her while she sleeps...its so nice and nasty too...did it a lot...she even likes waking up to me doing it

Can anyone help on this..i want to do for my wife and control her..

You could use the premise of a massage and guided imagery ...have you asked WHY's she is prudeish.?AS for the whole you can't make her do something she is morally opposed too; no you can't make do something she opposed to...However a Very skilled tist could...they had a guy robbed a store using it. He would bring up a fragment, a little peice that wanted to do what he wanted...IN SECONDS. Honestly, I would love to learn from him....the whole group ***** cat dolls troupe would find me irresistible ...especially the red headO:-)

can it be done wothout her knowing?

ok well thats interesting stay safe lol

I would like to try something like this with my wife. She is very prudish and it would be nice to get her to come out of that shell. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Well most mens wife do too much any way lol but it would be something if it could happen dinner everyday on time lol

o yer like,darling pretend your hypnotised while i wach the mailman fxxk you stupid,after shed finished crushing my ball,s it wouldnt be anygood wether she was hypnotised or not ,thanks for the sugestion anyway

I have done this for a few men.<br />
my own wife responds with obedience<br />
let me know if you want help

Dude im desperate!! Can u help me make my wife love me again? Hipinotizing her?

is there any masters of hypnotism in the uk like mark4u007 id love to be able to get my wife to do thing sexual with me or who i command her to ,with

o man another man. I think the women are the ones that need to be taught how to do it if its such a thing! lol

F#%# off mate

yes hypnoteach put you **** in her mouth and tell her its a popsical then see what she says in the morrning if she says she had a wonderfull popsical last night you know she was under if she calls you a dirty bastard you know she was not

I have wanted to hypnotize my wife after reading and watching it be done. I think she would be really receptive to suggestions. <br />
<br />
Last night I tried to relax her so when she was sleeping. I rubbed her arm for like 15 minutes. Told her that she loved it. That she was sleeping deeply and she was going to feel a massage. <br />
<br />
I started to stroke her head while telling her to feel the massage. <br />
<br />
This morning she told me she was able to hear what I said to her, feel what was happening but was confused whether it was a massage or head rub. What makes me think something happend was that she said she wasn't able to wake up but knew what was happening. <br />
<br />
Was she hypnotized? What can I do better? Any words to help would be great.

Hypnoteach, you very likely had her in a light trance, which is good news, but there is a lot to learn about how to deepen it and build suggestions that will be effective. To start you might want to Google "hypnosis deepeners" and see what you can do next.

I read about hypnotism and encountered detaled instructions on the internet. So I figured how hard could it be. Well harder than it was claimed actually, but I also got some professional training by a hypnotherapist. Within a couple of months I had successfuly performed an induction on my wife. (Put her in a trance state....eyes closed, appears (but not really) asleep.) Today it is routine to send her into the trance state. We do a relaxation routine and I put pillows behind her. I make sure she watches me do the pillows in order to cause an expectation in her about what is going to happen. She becomes SO ready for it. I tell her that I'm about to send her into a peaceful, comfortable, restful trance state. Then I tap the bridge of my nose with my index finger which causes her eyes to fix on my stare. I tell her that at the count of three I'm going to snap my fingers and say "sleep" and she will go into the trance state, falling backward, eyes closed. She sees me raise my hand, I count 1,2,3 I snap my fingers and say "sleep", and she falls back, eyes closed, apparently asleep. But the trance must be deepened. I tell her that at the count of three, I'll bring her back into the room, fully aware, but as soon as she emeges, I'll snap my fingers and send her even deeper back into trance. I bring her out and send her back three or four times....sending her deeper each time. This is actually called "deepening." Then she is ready for hypnotic sex. She becomes aroused, but can't have an ****** until I tell her to. She has wonderfully sexy hallucinations. There's a leather belt ******* with a black rubber **** that she would never wear for me. Now she thinks it's a nice pair of pink silky panties and wears it gladly. We call it the "special panties," and she wonders why I'm so much more interested in the special panties than her regular ones. There are things she would never do that she now enjoys and asks me for when I whisper the trigger word to her. The fun goes on. A hypnotized wife is great to have in the bedroom.

it has been said, that if you were able to give the person a drug known as qualludes, it induces a trance like state; then all you need to do while they are in trance is to talk to them slowly, telling them to relax their conscious and subconcious mind, breathe deeply and let it out slow, becoming more relaxed with each breath, letting go of all of their sexual taboos, their sexual inhibitions, telling them that once they are completely free of their own control of their hearts, minds, spirit and their soul, that from this day on, till the end of their lives, till the end of all eternity, they are now and forever your complete and obedient sexslave, doing whatever you desire for them to do(you can be very detailed in your desires from this point on)they will do it with extreme lust and slutty devotion, to you and to be enjoyed by others that you bring into the scene(you can program them to seduce and bring other people(girls and/or boys)to be enjoyed by you and them with complete lust and deviant pleasures. Mmmmm, now where can I get a few "thousand" caplets or better yet, Liquid Q, to reprogram all of the people that I want to be in MY control. If you know where i can get some....TELL ME!!!!!!! 1-708-822-8365

I have had my wife under my control for 20 years now... she says I have a headache and we still have sex.<br />
I get her to undress at my command and walk around naked if I want, she has no recollection of ever having done it.<br />
I put her to sleep and ***** her off or I give her the command to pull down her panties and let me play or **** her whenever or wherever I want.<br />
I get her to go and change into sexy lingerie, stocking or even to play with me or herself for my pleasure.<br />
I swear to you I am genuine and my revelations are genuine.<br />
My friend had me do it to his wife and now we meet and get them to do things while we are all together, even have sex with each other without them remembering... It does take time to install the commands but it is worth it...Definately... I have the videos to prove it.

What would it take to get you to share some of those videos? :)

Not sure I should share the vids, just text her at work this minute and used the commands to come round for sex.... her reply?..... ok!.... I love it, she will go away thinking she has had lunch with me.... I will have more vids and photo's of her being a **** :-)

I'd love to hear how you got started.

Mark-need your help man. :-)

Here's the deal. My wife and I had a crazy sex life (still do to a degree..in fact, we are getting ready to step it up again after a new baby at 45 yrs old :-)

Things always get a little "Weird" with us because she says she wants to do things and then goes along with them (even sets them up herself sometimes) but then when we do them she gets al freaked out. She has had sex with girls (even next door neighbors who are friends...like yours does) but sometimes it gets crazy when it comes to the men slightly touching her). She has never wanted that but now she says she sort of does but I can already feel the weirdness when we talk about it. I insist that I only want to do it if she truly "wants" to and i snot just pleasing me. She insists she does but again I see how she gets freaked out and frankly it causes tension between us. So here is what I am doing. I just started reading more bout Hypnosis. It has always interested me. I have studied a bit of NLP before but nothing heavy. I have a book about Hypno Erotica which is about training your wife. I am aslo flying to a hypnosis workshop next week (I am REALLY putting in the "time" here). I want to use hypnosis to relax her and make her more submissive and just have her do fun crazy stuff with or without always remembering (I decide per event) the way you have done with yours. Can you tell me where you learned this? What books, tapes, videos, classes, etc. and how long it took for you to master this. Very impressed by your accomplishment here and would greatly appreciate your help. Would be very good for my marriage.

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The pickup line I used to meet my wife was "would you like me to hypnotise me to stop smoking?". She agreed and I went to her house and hypnotised her. She loved it and a relationship quickly grew. after a few sessions, she was my sex slave. For 5 years I could give her any command like "***" etc and she would obay. We are married with a 2 y/o now so we don't have that life style but it's something you should all try ! Oh, and she doesn't smoke anymore :-)<br />
If you life in Brisbane - drop me a line ..

Yes, my wife used the same trick and we went to a professional hypnotist. After couple of sessions hypnotist gave control
to my wife and since then she hypnotises me often and make me do her bidding.
Some days I don't know what happened.
She has videos to show proof.
Anyhow I am her hypnoslave.

Maybe you and her could talk it over and try role playing it, and let it take you to hott new experiences together! Sounds hott to us! Let us know how it goes...take care, from Connie & Randy~

add me please, i am so turned on by this. the thought of her having no control...i want to learn how to do it. trigger word, then have her become a multiple **** sucking and ******* *****!


i would love to have my wife hypnotised into having sex with the hypnotist and watch them geting it on.problem is i dont know any hypnotists that would do this for me,and also is it posible

Try using music!

It can be done and sometimes having to hypnotize for something else to get her under and change into what you wish.. Bottomline she will not do what she would not do when totally aware?awake. .So you may learn something new about her that you didnt realize,, Its just that she has been hypnotized to hide her feelings all her life ,, I all gets back the the phrase.. "Good Girls dont do those things" and that thought has been locked in her mind for ever,.. and if she wishes to let go . she will .. Some will say<br />
its not moral to do what you wish.. but in the end she may like the idea <br />
FYI , I do hypnosis via voice chat and even better with video chat ,.

This is great to know as when I really want a woman,my voice drops down a tone,all my sentences roll into one,the words flow and when I touch her it's electric,she slumps into another state,swimming in my words,sometimes a song......then I change subject and she'll awaken,but the seeds are sown when I know she's wet and slippery.All that's needed afterwards are a few words.
But I don't know any techniques of how to hypnotize,would love to!

If she is willing to try I could teach her if it were convenient.

Yesterday we both took the day off of work and spent some quality time together. She wore a one-piece denim dress that zipped up the front so she could remove it easily for some photos we were taking outside of her flashing. Outside of that environment, though, she was keeping it zipped up pretty high. <br />
<br />
Before we went into a store she wanted to suck my **** in the van, so she leaned over and did so. While she was doing that, I used her trance key to put her in a trance and instructed her saying that any time I lowered her zipper on her dress she wouldln't even notice it, it would be like I was rubbing her arm or her back or putting my hand in her back pocket, it was just just something that would seem so ordinary should would totally ignore it and feel very content with how much her dress was zipped up. I then woke her up and we went in the store.<br />
<br />
While I was kissing her in the store I reached out and unzipped the front of her dress down to slightly below her breasts so you could see the whole side of her breast if you were on one side of her or the other, and you could totally tell that she did not have a bra on. It was exciting for me to see her walking through the store like that and watching for people who noticed. As we were leaving the store I reached over and zipped it up since it was fairly cold out, and she was a little embarrassed that her zipper had "fallen down" by itself and I had to zip her up. Apparently I was fairly specific with the instructions that she would ignore me UNzipping the dress, but not zipping up.<br />
<br />
I did the same thing at the next two stores, and it was a lot of fun for me. At the 2nd store I went to the bathroom and she shopped without me for a few minutes, during which time she had noticed that a nipple was poking out of the front of her dress when she turned, and zipped it back up some, but I was able to unzip it again without her noticing a couple minutes later without her realizing it.<br />
<br />
Lots of fun!!!

If your wife is absolutely set against this, I don't see it happening. But if you can shape this around her own fantasies, etc. and lead her to enjoy it, you might be able to shape her response over time, using training, multiple imbedded triggers, etc.

Well, I promise it is possible, and it is something I use with my wife several times a week. It started out that she was trying to learn to meditate and wanted help, and she accepted my offer to hypnotize her to get back to a mental state she remembered. I just left a post-hypnotic trigger to return her to a blank-mind trance state, and now I (we) use it quite a bit.<br />
<br />
The cool thing is I have asked her many times while hypnotized if she wants me to video tape her doing things or while I have her move from one place to another under hypnosis, but she keeps responding that she wants it to be a mystery and a surprise to her. She just likes being controlled by someone she trusts, and it is just really fun for her to wake up with me having sex with her in the hot tub, or leaning against the van, or even driving down the road and realizing that she has been driving topless for some time since she left me.<br />
<br />
So, I admit I have the perfect situation with a wife that wants to be controlled and surprised and doesn't want to consciously know about it, but I am sure there are other women out there like that.

All women like to have someone in control,if she trusts you then it's even stronger! Not sure if I actually hypnotize them but I do use a technique called Reiki,this allows her body and mind to have access into many different states.

Viking71, I agree with you, it is a very erotic topic but I too feel it is more fantasy than reality, I am not totally convinced that hypnosis for use in this topic is real and/or possible. Sure would love it though. My wife becomes very horny and uninhibited when she is drinking, but the hangovers kill her. I am really seeking an available mode to reach the same results without the ugly after affects.

It's quite simple,if she has a glass of water between each drink then there are no hangovers,especially before sleeping.Hangovers are about lack of fluid in the brain.
Other ideas are that you use natural products like Ginseng,give her a toke on a good spliff,if she doesn't smoke then make a space cake or an omlette with some weed,drinking is not the only way to get women horny and wild.Obviously I'm suggesting a soft use of drugs and herbs,but alchohol is a pretty hard drug when you think of it's effects and side-effects.
A good oily massage works wonders too!

It's totally possible if she wants the same thing. :)