Under My Husband's Control Part II

I wrote the first installment, but had to change names thanks to a bit of a stalker. Thought I might elaborate on the previous story.

My fantasy is that my husband slowly hypnotizes me with an expensive cigar and programs me to obey him and to service him sexually whenever he has a cigar that he will eventually use as a trigger. I would not remember the hypnosis and I would believe it was my idea to cater and service my husband sexually. For instance, the blow job I get on my knees to give him while he smoked his expensive cigar would not be his command -- but my own idea (in my head), The cigar becomes the trigger for many sexual activities. I would, of course, be helpless to resist his spell. And again, believe it was my own idea to let my husband have any type of sex he wanted.  He could call or text me with a trigger and I would wait for him to come home, cigar ready for him and awaiting his commands.

As he hypnotizes me deeper each time -- I would believe that I am addicted to his *** and that I should always submit to and obey him while under his control. His power would grow and grow over me. He would have me call him Master during our sessions.  Again, a simple flash of a cigar would trigger me into a trance.  Even the aroma of the cigar would trigger me back into a trance unable to resist and only to obey commands -- sexual or otherwise.

Eventually I would become so programmed that I would not be able to refuse any of my husband's sexual or ordinary commands and would refer to him as my Master at his wish.  We're at a table at an expensive restaurant and my husband sets his after dinner cigar out on the table.  He has apparently hypnotized me earlier to respond to this trigger. I can;t take my eyes off of it and the moment we get in the car -- he lights it and I wordlessly give him a blow job,

Anybody out there with a similar fantasy? Ordinary wife by day and enslaved sexual robot by night.
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