My Entry Into The World Of Erotic Hypnosis

When I was about 19 years old I was living in Southern Florida. I spent a good portion of my time working at my parents bar as a dishwasher and barback. Late at night after the bar closed we would sit and have a few drinks and afterwards I would walk to my apartment behind the bar.
One particular evening I walked out and found a young woman sitting on the pavement crying her eyes out. Being the gentleman that I always have been I politley asked if she was ok or needed any help getting home. She looked up at me with the biggest deepest green eyes and just said plainly, "Women are bigger ******** than men are." Slightly surprised at her reply I offered her my hand and helped her to her feet. She brushed herself off and asked if I could call a cab for her. I smiled and lead her to my apartment and called a cab, which I was told would be around 2 hours because of it being closing time for all of the bars in Naples. I relayed the message to her and she just smiled and said, "That's fine, would you mind if I just sat in here where it's safe?" Being single and living alone I had no problem with this what-so-ever and responded as such.
As we sat there drinking coffee she told me her name was Shelly and that she had been out with her so-called best friend who ditched her for a guy she had met and left her with no ride back to Golden Gate. I felt horrible for her and offered to drive her home even though I'd had a couple of beers after finishing work. She smiled and nodded. I called to cancel the cab and got my keys. As we drove she explained to me that she was an exotic dancer in Ft. Myers and it amazed her how many guys treated girls who danced like pieces of meat or property to be traded. Well I was pretty taken by surprise when she placed her hand on mine and began talking to me in a low even tone telling me how relaxing it was watching someone dance back and forth on a stage. The way their body glistening in the stagelights could completely mesmerize a client making it easy for them to be urged to give up their hard earned money. I could barely think as we pulled into her driveway. She offered me a cup of coffee which I gladly accepted and followed her inside like a lost puppy.
I sat on her couch and waited for her return, noticing an assortment of crystals on her mantle as well as a metronome. When she returned I asked about them out of pure curiosity. She smiled and explained that she also worked parties as a hypnotist and that she used the crystals and metronome as focal points. Well I was intrigued and asked how easy it was to hypnotize a person with ADHD to which she just chuckled and said "Believe it or not it's easier than hypnotizing someone who doesn't have it." We sat and talked until the sun came up, drinking cup after cup of coffee. Before I left I asked her if she would be able to hypnotize me sometime and she began to chuckle. I scratched my head curiously wondering why that was a funny question. As I got ready to ask the question she just leaned forward and whispered a phrase into my ear and the whole world just seemed to melt away. The next thing I knew I was kneeling on the ground bare naked my face covered in her juices and she was cleaning herself off with a towel. I had no clue what had happened other than my face covered in her vaginal secretions which I had no complaint about. I looked up at her and just blushed deeper red than I ever had before. She smiled and took my hand leading me back to the living room where my clothes were neatly folded on the couch. I began getting dressed and just looked over to her and asked "Can you teach me how to hypnotize people as easily and effortlessly as you did me?" Shelly just chuckled and said "Be here at 3pm and I'll start teaching you."
Needless to say I was there at 3pm that day and every day after for nearly 6 months until I left for Job Corps. Shelly taught me so many wonderful things and we had such an amazing tryst I will never forget her even though we lost contact after I left for school.
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liked the story

amazing story. i wish it happened to me. i've been dabbling as a subject for a while but haven't found a one hypnotist to work with consistently. not to mention most women hypnotists want to be paid ;).

I was very lucky and think my kindness and gentle nature led to our interaction. I had always had a fascination with hypnosis but only because of movies and such growing up in the late 70's through early 90's today money is the driving force for most in the hypnosis field personally though... I see it as a prostitution of ones abilities to say oh I only do this for pay. While I do, parties and such I still take the time to help people in need when hypnosis is involved such as therapy and finding a way to bring inner confidence to the surface